Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Tuesday, October 18: Grove, OK-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Miles: 62

Lot: Sports complex

Ryan and I practiced some music today. We tried a couple of songs on trumpet and trombone, and we also started writing out the notes for a song from the musical, "Sugar", called "Penniless Bums". Coincidentally, that title will describe us pretty well this winter.

The first crowd wasn't very big, but we did good business for the second show, even though it was freezing.

The one good part of the cold weather was that they left the generator on all night.

Wednesday, October 19: Ardmore, OK-Travel Day

Miles: 280

Lot: Corner of Commerce & Veterans

I made good time on the jump today. I only stopped twice for gas, and I was doing a steady 65 mph for the majority of the drive. I made it to Ardmore around 11:30 a.m.

Today was my 28th birthday. Ryan and Tatiana gave me my gift when I got to the lot, and after receiving it I got this great picture of Nico achieving his zen moment.

Later in the day the circus children came around trick or treating. I was waiting for them on the steps of my trailer with all my goody bags full of candy.

As I was handing the children their treats, Ryan called out, "Hey kids, sing 'Happy Birthday' to Steve!"

As they were serenading me, Tatiana removed my glasses. My Spidey Sense started tingling, and I knew what was coming next.

I quickly removed my hat, and as soon as the kids finished their song, Delena nailed me in the face with a pie. Not a shaving cream pie either; a real lemon meringue pie!

Afterwards I told Ryan that it was my first birthday pie since my last year on Ringling in 2007.

The Fuscos had me over to their trailer after I had cleaned up where I was presented a birthday cake addressed to "Princess Steve". Ain't it the truth?!

Tonight Ryan, Casey, Radar, Nikki, and I went to the Gusher Lounge for drinks, dinner, and karaoke. Later in the evening Lucky, Vickie, and the Norths joined our party.

I sang three songs, none of which really fit the theme of the bar (country/western), but no one threw beer bottles or shot at me, so I considered it a success.

Hooray for good birthdays!


Anonymous said...

Well, happy birthday . . . and thanks for another year of vicarious circus life . . .

Really. Love your blog. Hope you keep it up . . .

Bruce the Clown

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it was intentionally but look at the word above your candles. Kinda of interesting...with your sense of humor and all.

Paul said...


Happy Birthday and it is good to see you had fun and you got a pie in the face. Hope to see you again in MI when you come, since the town "rocks".

Tejano said...

So...the season is over. Hard to imagine it was just a few months ago that you started your tour in the Rio Grande Valley. Hope you find work in the off season, will. :) Hope to meet up with you guys in February. Hasta Luego!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Steve!

By the way, from the photo of you holding your cake, I noticed you have started to advertise that you is a "HO". (judging from your t-shirt).