Friday, October 14, 2011

Optimist Prime

Thursday, October 13: Ashland, MO-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Miles: 67

Lot: Optimist complex

Ryan and I drove to Target this morning to pick up a skeleton for one of our new gags. We were directly in between two big towns, each with a Target. Unfortunately we were 20 miles from both of those towns.

It sure would have made things a lot easier if we had played a bigger town today!

Besides going to Target, I was able to pick up duck food and shavings from Orschelin's. At least the 40 mile round trip was a productive one.

Ryan and I got our new clown shoes from Marty Scott in the mail today. There was a mix up with Ryan's order, so if anyone wants to buy these shoes:

send me an e-mail at They are a men's size 9 1/2, and they are brand spanking new.

There was horse crap all over the lot. Everywhere. Nothing welcomes you to a town like horse manure everywhere you step; it really showed how much the town cared about us.

I thought about dumping my donniker right in the middle of the lot to return the feelings.

After showering I turned on my sink so I could shave; no water came out. I tried again, I turned the pump on and off, all to no avail.

I called Fridman so he could check out my pump, but he was busy and said he would have to check it later.

This left me without running water, which put me in a bad mood. Grrrrrr.

We had average sized crowds for both shows. Mrs. North filmed our gags for us in the second performance; it was nice to see the progress we have made since the gags were last filmed in Rhode Island.

I wore my new shows for the shoes tonight. Wait a minute.....

It has been awhile since I have worn heavy duty Scott clown shoes, and they gave me quite a work out!

Fridman got my water pump working between shows, but it didn't last long. He said he wouldn't be able to properly fix it until tomorrow when he could have light to see what he was doing.

No running water for me until tomorrow. D'OH!

Luckily Ryan let me fill up a bucket so I could take my make up off, and John Moss gave me a couple of bottles of drinking water.

As I was standing over the bucket of water taking my make up off, I flashed back to 2009 when we were living in the generator truck and took our make up off via bucket every night.

At least now my indoor plumbing is more advanced than a funnel stuck in a hole in the floor.


Anonymous said...

There are many lots that have been improved by dumping on them.
Just make sure the TP goes in the wastebasket and not the holding tank.
Bob Kitto

EleFanOhio said...

Really going out on a limb with the style of those new shoes. They look familiar... or is it just me!

"Out on a limb" -- I guess that is where you would find your shoes! Wocka, wocka. Sorry, no pun originally intended.