Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Town Of Livingston, I Presume?

Thursday, October 06: Livingston, IL-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Miles: 50

Lot: Memorial Park

On Tuesday, Dave, who booked all of the recent towns, told me that Livingston was a replacement for a town that had backed out at the last minute.

Due to that, and the sign welcoming us to town that said the population was only 850 people, I predicted that we would die a horrible death for the shows.

More on that later....

This afternoon Ryan helped me do a make up test for my costume for the Halloween party. It took over an hour, but it looked awesome!

John Moss told us that when he and Reyna went into town to go grocery shopping, he overheard the lady behind the counter telling a couple of locals to be careful since the circus was in town today, and there were bound to be lots of creepy people around.

She then asked them if they were going to the show. When they asked a question about tickets, John chimed in with an answer and then told the woman at the register that he knew because he was one of those creepy people.

He said the woman was very embarrassed and extremely apologetic afterwards.

Remember what I wrote at the beginning of the post about Livingston having a small population as well as being a last minute lot and license date?

Well, once again my prediction of bad business was wrong; thank God.

We did good business for the first show and the second show was almost full.

All day my trailer's water pump was freaking out. The pressure was very weak, and there were periods where the water would just stop running.

Needless to say, that perturbed me and put me in a bad mood for the evening.

In the second show's walkaround, Ryan and I spotted a huge spider on the ring mat. After I turned into a horse and was galloping around the ring, I did my best to keep away from my arachnid adversary.

Backstage we mentioned the spider to John Moss, and I mused over what funny movements the horse would have made if the spider had crawled up my pant leg.

The Flying Arches, a youth circus group based out of St. Louis' City Museum, joined us to open the second half of the second show with an acrobatic number.

I didn't get to see it, but I was told they did a great job.

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John said...

With regard to support from small places, I believe that the people there are grateful that you've come to them rather than making them travel to largere communities.
And as to insects, I recall having to set a prop down on a very angry looking bumble bee, rather than change direction with the prop, which would have been odd for the audience. But then I had to warn my partner of the potential anger - under my breath. He lived!!