Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You're A Phony!

Monday, October 10: Warrenton, MO-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Miles: 70

Lot: Athletic complex

After arriving at the lot, making breakfast, and getting cleaned up, I unhooked my truck to run some errands in town.

I washed about two weeks worth of laundry, went grocery shopping, and got a much needed haircut.

When I got my hair cut, I didn't feel like answering a million questions about working for a circus, so when the lady asked me why I was in town and what I do for a living, I started improvising and making things up.

I think I worked harder making stuff up than I would have answering her circus questions. I also wasn't very good at such spur of the moment fabricating; guess I need to work on my improvisational skills.

When I got back to the lot I discovered that my trailer was without power. I checked my breakers in the trailer, I checked all my plugs, and I checked the breakers in the gypsy box: all to no avail.

Finally I took out my generator and plugged into that until I could find one of the electricians to diagnose my problem.

Our friend, Sean Carlock, came to visit today. Sean was a First of May clown on the Red Unit while I was starting out on the Blue Show.

He brought us some delicious honey crisp apples as free roll, and he treated us to lunch at a Chinese buffet in town.

Both shows were around 3/4 full. Sean watched the first performance and then had a 5 hour drive home ahead of him.

I found Alex, one of the electricians, at the start of the first show, and he diagnosed my power problem. Something was wrong with my plug in the gypsy box, so he plugged me directly into the generator so I could have power.

I was just relieved that the problem was not on my end!

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