Sunday, December 18, 2011

December 15 and 16: Folsom, PA-5:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

All of us were feeling sick on Thursday morning; it wasn't a fun drive to Folsom.

My one memory of the town of Folsom is that in the past no one wanted to get their face painted. That held true this year; we did very poor business in that respect.

I was happy that my friends from Hungary came to visit. When I first started doing the Christmas tour back in 2007, I was working the crowd and somehow found out that a family (grandfather, grandmother, and three girls) was Hungarian.

I told them about my Hungarian friends from Ringling, and I showed off my rusty skill with the language.

Every year they come to see the show (and me), and every year we take a picture.

I was sad that this year there were only two girls. I found out that one of them is in high school now; I guess she is too old for clowns now. Sniff......

We play Folsom for two days every year, so it was nice to just leave everything in the theatre for the night.

After work the cast continued our annual tradition of going out to eat at Applebee's after the shows.

The second day in Folsom we got laundry done, and I also took the rental minivan to get an oil change. We have put A LOT of miles on it in two weeks!

Our clown friends, Chris Shelton and Keith Crabbs, came to see the shows the second night; I was happy that they visited, but I wish we had been able to visit with them longer. They did bring a big case of Guinness as a gift, so that made me feel a little better...

We were crazy busy with face painting for the two shows. Quite a reversal from our usual business in Folsom.

The audiences were bigger for the second night as well, and they were a lot more responsive. It was definitely a good day.

After we were done with work we jumped in the minivan and drove straight through to Ryan's maternal grandparents' house in Marlborough, MA.

My head hit the pillow around 5 a.m.

Thank goodness the driving madness will be over in a day!

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Bruce the Clown said...

Merry Christmas Steve & Ryan! May your New Year be filled with blessings and adventures galore!