Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Monday, February 20: Los Fresnos, TX-6:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.
Miles: 61
Lot: Rodeo grounds

Some event that took place before us tore up the ground at the Los Fresnos lot, because there were ruts everywhere. If it had rained today, it would have been miserable.
Instead the ground was incredibly dry and hard, which made the ruts an ankle breaking obstacle.

While I was taking a little morning catnap, my duck, Emmie, got loose and wandered into the animal yard.
John Moss came and knocked on my door, but since I was so comfortable in bed I thought to myself, "If it is REALLY important, whoever is knocking will call."
Luckily Carolyn saved the day and captured Emmie before an elephant stepped on him and made a duck pancake.

A group of us got together and drove to Pt. Isabel to take a cruise on the Black Dragon pirate ship.
My friend, Christy, who is the entertainment director for the ship, set us up with tickets, and my friends, Amber and Michael, were working as pirates.
Christy unfortunately had to work another ship, so she couldn't be with us.

Amber painted my mustache and I painted hers. I think my artwork is better...

The crew did a great job, and everyone had a good time; I was glad we got to get away from the lot and have some fun.

The first show tonight was about 3/4 full. They were a great audience and I had a lot of fun performing for them.
The second show had an average turnout. Christy, her father, her boyfriend, and Michael, one of the pirates, were in the audience.
Christy brought us a 5 lbs. box of frozen shrimp. A free pirate cruise AND free shrimp; what a gal!

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Carlee and Charlie on the Road said...

Be on your toes Steve and Ryan, Sherri and David will be in the audience again in McAllen this weekend!!!!!!!!!