Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Flashback To 2010

I heard it raining last night, and it started again this morning. When I headed over to the tent for our first rehearsal, I saw that there was now a moat between the trailers and the back door, as well as plenty of mud in the back door. sigh.

Ryan and I actually lost a lot of time during our two hour rehearsal block, mainly because the computer containing the show's music died and wouldn't come back on.
A few people futzed with it until Tavana finally came through with a better power cord. That thankfully solved the problem.

By the time we were ready to go, we only had thirty minutes left before our rehearsal time was up.
I was so impressed that we knocked out every number we are doing in the show; we did each one twice and we had very few problems to fix.
Go team!

At 1:00 p.m. the pirate production was run several times all out; I think it will be a show highlight.

In the evening we had a finale rehearsal which was a lot smoother than last night's. There was still a point when Ryan and I were alone in the ring with no light though.
When the lights came up we pretended to be making out, which got a huge laugh from the folks watching.

Ryan and I had our final rehearsal period afterwards. We ran through all of our gags and then called it a night.

Tomorrow is the big day, the opening of the 2012 Kelly Miller Circus season! I am taking the day off from blogging because I know things are going to be crazy.
I will then resume the blog posting schedule that I adopted last year: one post a day of the previous day's events.

Here goes nothing!

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Bruce the Clown said...

All the best for a great season! I hear that "the sun will come out tomorrow . . ."

Wait, let me turn down the radio.