Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hello Brownsville, How Are Ya?

I woke up at 4 a.m. this morning, had a cup of coffee, rolled up my power cables, and embarked on the 398 mile trip to Brownsville.

Right outside of Houston I was met with a heavy deluge of rain, and in downtown there was a bad accident under an overpass that bottlenecked traffic into one lane.

The rain continued on and off (in varying degrees of heaviness) until I was about 3 hours outside of Brownsville.

I was extremely happy that I was not pulled over and issued an unjust D.O.T violation in Refugio like I was last year.
I passed by the same cop, but he had pulled over some other unlucky jerk.

I was the first performer to the lot in Brownsville. I got parked and set everything up before going to get some lunch.

I tried taking a nap, but it was too hot in my trailer to rest well. Finally when the generator was turned on and I was hooked up to power I decided to get up and do something.

I walked to the mall, but it was so packed that I quickly left and headed back towards the lot.

There were dark, ominous storm clouds blowing in as I was walking back to my trailer. I spotted a hair salon that was open, so I decided to stop in and get a much needed trim.

The young lady that cut my hair asked why I was in town; when I told her that I was a clown with the circus, she said, "I knew you looked familiar!"
Am I that obvious?

She went on to tell me that she takes her kids to the show every year (3 performances each time), and they even have a picture with me.
She continued, "You work with that other guy, right? The one that keeps getting hit and having all the bad things happen to him?"

I thought that summed up our clowning very well.

While I was getting my hair cut the heavens opened up and it rained like there was no tomorrow.
I was waiting for it to die down so I could walk back when Vanessa, my stylist, offered to give me a ride to the lot.
I was very grateful (and dry).

Ryan and I met Radar and his girlfriend, Elisa, over at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.
I was celebrating the fact that I successfully completed the first jump without a breakdown or ticket.

I wasn't in a celebratory mood; however, when I got back to my rig. Radar looked at my truck and we discovered that the back leaks...a lot.
Our props are wet from all the rain today. Looks like Ryan and I have a lot of caulking to do.
I'd like to once again personally NOT thank Steve the ****ing welder for doing a rush job when he had two months to do it correctly.

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