Monday, February 6, 2012

Practice, Practice, Practice

Today we began rehearsals for the 2012 season of the Kelly Miller Circus. The rain took a day off; it was still overcast, but the ground has dried a lot.

Ryan and I were upset that our first rehearsal slot was not productive at all. For one thing, we couldn't really rehearse our gags because the band wagon was not in the tent and set up.
A couple of seat wagons got in late, so they waited until they were set up before setting up the back door. That meant no way to rehearse music or sound effects.

The only other thing we could do was figure out the rigging for one of our gags, but we couldn't even do that right away.
Someone was supposed to set up a pulley at the top of the tent for the net over the tiger arena, and also for our gag, but the ball was dropped during the tent set up, and the pulley wasn't rigged.

Danny assembled all the pieces, and then Fridman was nice (and brave) enough to climb a cable ladder all the way to the top of the tent and hook up the pulley. A big hassle that could have been avoided.

Once we were about to try our drop gimmick, all the lights in the big top were shut off. Perfect.

One light finally came on, and out of the two hour time period that we were given, we were able to squeeze in ten minutes of rehearsal with John Moss.

Coincidentally, all of the lights came on again in time for the next practice session. Sigh.

We worked on some more blocking with John Moss outside of the ring while the rehearsal for the pirate production took place. We also got to run our chase as part of that practice.

Ryan and I had a little break to watch a movie; I also got our music to Marshall and Mike, who are in charge of that department.

Early in the evening there was a rehearsal for finale and then Ryan and I had another hour to get stuff done.
Unfortunately, the show music is still not all loaded into the computer, so we were once again without music or sound effects.

We did run the gags so Mike could watch for sound effect cues, and we talked Marshall through the music changes.
On the upside the gags seem to be running smoothly and we got laughs from people watching the rehearsal.


Anonymous said...

During practice do you guys wear your clown makeup and outfits?

Steve Copeland said...

We only wear costume pieces if they are instrumental to a bit in the gag.