Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So That's Why You Wouldn't Shake Hands

Today Ryan and I got a solid two hour practice block starting at 11 a.m. We ran the majority of our gags, starting with walking Mike through the sound effects we needed and then adding in music cues with Marshall.
I was very pleased with the progress we made. (Coincidentally, I didn't realize how much we run in our new gags until we did them repeatedly back to back)

Afterwards there was a rehearsal for the pirate production; it is shaping up nicely and should look great.

In the evening we had a finale rehearsal. Most of the time, the lights were off in the tent, because there are glowing props used. However, there were times when Ryan and I were standing in the ring alone in total darkness.
We had no idea why until later someone mentioned that we will eventually have spot lights on us. Before we were informed of that though, I grabbed my iPhone and used the flashlight app to illuminate us for a laugh.
At one point we also struck a pose strangling each other so everyone would have a nice chuckle when the lights came back on.

After finale was done Ryan and I had another hour to run gags. It didn't feel as productive as the first practice, because we were all wiped out.
I crashed about halfway through, Ryan had been keeping busy nonstop between rehearsals cutting music tracks and translating for Mr. Fusco (who is directing the production numbers), and Marshall and Mike had been learning music cues all day.

In closing, here are a few pictures.

1) A shot I took on my walk back from getting my morning coffee:

2) Ryan and I performing at the 2nd Annual Red Nose Dinner a couple of weeks ago in Hugo (from Jimmy Hall):

Another photo from the dinner with Ryan reenacting the famous Great Sebastian scene from the Greatest Show on Earth (also compliments of Jimmy Hall)


Anonymous said...

So Ryan has new hair I see, or is going back to his black hair when the season starts.

Do you guys still get butterflies for the first show of the season?

Steve Copeland said...

Ryan is using that wig for the season.
We get nervous because we never feel like we are prepared enough to open.

Tejano said...

Sorry I have not called. Had to go out of town. I will email you on Monday and see how your week is.


Steve Copeland said...

I have a feeling next week will be a lot less crazy.
Perfect for some fajitas!