Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter Quarters, Over and Out!

While I was at home being a bum, Ryan was at Kelly Miller's Winter Quarters working on costumes and music for our new gags.
The rest of the WQ crew was also hard at work on all the vehicles and show equipment, ensuring that everything makes it down the road for another season.

Bobby Rawls, the artist who does all the painting and lettering for the show trucks, has been teaching Ryan some tricks and techniques over the past few winters.
This winter we were honored that he painted our likenesses on the side of one of the box trucks.

On January 28th, Ryan and I performed at the 2nd Annual Red Nose Dinner event, benefitting the Circus City Museum.
Folks who bought a ticket were treated to a delicious buffet and live entertainment. There were a few performers from Carson and Barnes; Fridman, Jeremiah, the Fusco family, Ryan and I were representing Kelly Miller.
Ryan and I did a comedy juggling act complete with slapstick and "Greatest Show on Earth" movie references.
We also made the front page!

Some bad news....during the winter, my two white ducks, Ralph and Dexter, were eaten by coyotes. I am going to miss their antics and the delicious eggs that Ralph would lay.

Now for some good news! To avoid any more mechanical mishaps this season, I bought Nikki's truck. It is newer (2001), has low mileage, and everyone with automotive knowhow agreed that it is a good truck.

Before embarking on our winter dates, I dropped the truck off with a local welder so he could build a shell on the truck's bed for prop storage.
I told him that I would be back in January to pick it up, which left him the better part of a month to get the job done.

I called a few times while I was on vacation, and every time he said that he hadn't started yet, but he would start very soon.

I was distressed when I returned to Hugo to discover that my truck had not been touched in the 6 weeks that I had been gone.

The welder also had a truck from the show that needed work done. It had been in his possession since Thanksgiving.
Obviously speed is not this guy's strong point!

Kelly Miller finally got their truck back last week. When Danny picked it up, the welder said he was going to start right away on my truck.
I went by a few days later to check on his progress, AND THE TRUCK WAS UNTOUCHED!

The welder was at lunch, so I called him and said that if he couldn't do the work on the truck, he needed to tell me right then.
He kept apologizing and told me that he thought he could get it done before we left. I told him that he needed to be absolutely sure that he could.

Finally, after I had called and raised hell, the welder leaped into action!
Ok...not really. He got the truck to me 4 p.m.....the afternoon before we left Winter Quarters.

Well, I know someone who won't be getting any of my business in the future. And on the bright side, I got my truck! And all our props fit in the back!

We left Hugo this morning and drove the 290 miles to Cleveland, TX, our designated halfway point.
The new truck worked well. It is a lot lighter than the U-huals, so my trailer sways a lot when big trucks zoom past, and it pushes my truck when I have to brake suddenly.
Nothing trailer brakes and sway bars won't take care of.

Ok folks, I just found out that we have to vacate this fairgrounds by 5 a.m. due to an incoming livestock show, so I am going to bed!


Tejano said...

kzkraWelcome back to the Rio Grande Valley. A year has gone by fast no? Remember, there is a cop who will probably be looking out for you when you get past Refugio. Sorry to hear about your ducks.

Since your first show is not till next Thursday perhaps you would like some fajitas? Let me know. Have a safe trip!

Bruce the Clown said...

You got a new truck. Ryan got new hair?
Blessings on you as you begin this new season of adventure! The truck paintings look great!

Go do good!


Lois said...

Glad you've got new wheels!
Have a great season. See you in the fall!!

Steve Copeland said...


The cop didn't get me! He was busy pulling someone else over (not from the show).
I would love some fajitas!

Tejano said...

Good to hear Steve. Will email you later as to when we can meet up. Will invite David along if he wants to come along.

Ron Jeremy said...

What goes on in your rv, since it says, "private rv not for hire" on the side of your truck? I hear some 70's porn music in my ears. ha ha ha