Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Big Pants To Fill

Tuesday, March 27: Krum, TX-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Lot: Middle School

A lot of folks moved off the lot last night since the ground was so soft, but luckily I didn't get stuck in the morning.

Since we were going to a lot by a school, we had two options. We could leave extremely early to arrive before all the school buses did, or we could have a later call, thereby ensuring that we miss all the school traffic.
We took a later call time, which I was happy about...until we hit morning traffic in McKinney, TX. Yeesh!

The lot in Krum was small, so most of us were parked next door by the town library. It actually worked out great for me because I had plenty of room to unhook and go into town.

I went to the next town over, Denton, which was HUGE and had everything a guy like me would want (i.e: book stores and good places to eat).
I did laundry (I had two laundromats to choose from. TWO! Right by each other! There are some towns where I can't even find one), and I went grocery shopping.

When I got back to the lot, our show manager, Oscar, asked if I could figure out why his new printer wasn't working. I was a bit skeptical since he has a PC, and I have been a Mac user for nigh onto four years, but after a little screwing around I got everything up and running.
Looks like I have a new side business on the show, a one man "Geek Squad".

Judith and her husband, who are fans of the blog, were at the first show today, which was 3/4 full.
I got a care package of cookies and beer from them. I had a nice time visiting with them in the seats during Intermission.
Just a reminder everyone, if you are coming to the show, let me know via an e-mail (my address is on our website) or in the comments of the blog, so I can come out and say hello.

Kyle Clay, a local clown, and his family came to the second show, which was jam packed. A guy could get used to that.
Kyle and his family also brought us cookies (I could get used to THAT as well), and some foam for carving.
They knows the way to our hearts: sweets for me and prop making supplies for Ryan.

After the shows the Clays took me to dinner....and then I found five bucks!
(Ok, not really, but I can't think of a better way to end that sentence)

Post Script:
Clown College grad, Mikee Maroney, sent me a pair of pants that he made, as well as several pairs of suspenders.

Yeah, they're a little big on me, but I think chicks will dig them. Especially when I pull THIS move:


Scared Fan said...

I hope you don't plan on lifting your pants like that during a show or else you may scare all the women and children.

Anonymous said...

Give those back to Tom Parrish!

"Mr. Bill"

They're beautiful!

Don't touch my lined pants pattern of my pants, I'm still using it.

40 yards of gro grain ribben on each pair of pants, who can afford it? plus rhine stones!

Axedaclown said...

We had a great time SuperSteve! I want credit for taking those pictures, I had to see those legs 'in the flesh'! Yeeeesh!

Axedaclown said...

We had a great time Super-Steve! I want credit for those pictures I took of those pants, seeing as I had to see those legs 'in the flesh!' Yeeesh! You guys are welcome to visit anytime, AND Kelly Miller Blurry photos to come soon on Facebook!