Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh No You Don't, Cold!

Monday, March 5: Sullivan City, TX-6:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.
Miles: 122
Lot: next to Family Dollar

This morning's drive was aggravating. On top of the distance, there was a lot of construction, and we hit traffic as we got closer to Sullivan City.

Sullivan City is where I blew a seal last year (easy everyone) and almost set the lot on fire. This year's arrival was a lot less exciting.

Ryan and I cleaned off our props this morning, but by showtime the wind and loose dirt on the lot insured that they were dirty again.

We did good business for both shows. I was starting to feel pretty lousy around the time I got into make up, so I made sure to keep medicated. No sense in getting sick if I can avoid it!


Susabelle said...

Since you seem to get sick often, you need a preventive, not a treatment. Taking cold meds at the onset of a cold really doesn't help. You need to prevent the virus from replicating and making you full-blown sick. Get some zinc (they make them that melt on your tongue) and take that as directed at the very first hint that you are getting sick. You won't get sick if you do. And they taste awful, but it is totally worth it not to get the sick! I haven't had a cold in years, because I take the zinc at the very first symptom. :)

Tejano said...

Drove by the lot today on the way to Rio Grande City. Not much going on in Sullivan is there? :) Well, it will keep you out of harm's way. On the way to Rio Grande City we were passed by two trucks, either local police or DEA, they had the back of the truck loaded with these really nice packages. I do not think they were food parcels for the poor. :)
Enjoy your two days in Sullivan!!

Anonymous said...

Who is going to take your place when you are gone at your brothers wedding?

On another note did the John Moss's wife have her baby?

Steve Copeland said...

Ryan will be flying solo for the few shows I am gone.
Reyna did have the baby, back in December.