Sunday, March 11, 2012

Whirlwind Wedding Weekend

Friday, March 9: Progreso, TX
Miles: 13
Lot: next to HS Performing Arts Center

On Friday, after arriving in Progreso, I began packing for my trip home to attend my brother's wedding, as well as preparing my house for travel (Alex, the mechanic, was set to drive my rig to Edinburg on Saturday morning).

Around 11 a.m. Gene and Mr. North drove me to the McAllen Airport. I flew all afternoon and arrived in Savannah, GA around 7:40 p.m.
My mom and step dad picked me up and drove me home. I missed the wedding rehearsal due to transit, but I was hoping to see everyone at the post rehearsal get together.
Unfortunately by the time I got home the party had pretty much died down. I decided to call it an early night since I was worn out from traveling.

On Saturday I went to Nana's house for a big, delicious homemade meal. After that I reported to the church to begin taking wedding photos.
All of the groomsmen took photos with my brother, Jamey, and Sharon, the bride to be.

Here I am with my brothers, Jamey and Trent.

When we groomsmen weren't on call at the church we reported to the parking lot to drink beer. Welcome to Walterboro!

The wedding went off without a hitch, and afterwards everyone drove out to St. George for the reception.
Those of us that were in the wedding had to wait quite a while to enjoy the festivities since we couldn't enter until the entire wedding party had arrived.

I got to visit with a lot of folks at the reception, most of whom thought I was still with "Barnum and Bailey". Oh well, at least they've got the gist of what I am doing!

After "partying hardy", I returned to Nana's house to have some leftovers for dinner. They were even more delicious the second time!

And now for a show report from Ryan:

When I left on Friday, it was cold and rainy. Apparently it stayed that way all the way through the shows….can't say I'm really sad that I missed that.

Saturday was a three show day in Edinburg, TX. Can't really say I'm sad to miss that either!
Ryan managed to cover all of our spots in the show except for the Angry Birds spot.

He did a solo chair gag in place of the hillbilly gag, and he did a trumpet gag with John Moss in place of the surfboard gag.
Apparently he did a good job, because during one show on Saturday the crowd was chanting, "Ryan, Ryan, Ryan" when he came out for his second gag.
Well, looks like I'm the dead weight in this partnership!

Ryan said he was so pleased with how the trumpet gag with John went. He and I did a version of it in Guam and the Philippines, and it always went over well (especially in Guam).
Ryan said they absolutely killed with the gag in the second show, and he is trying to convince me that we should leave the surfboard in Hugo and stick with trumpets.
We shall see…..

There was a special guest performing in the skeleton chase with Ryan for the two days I was gone. More info on that to come soon!

Right now I am on a plane to McAllen, TX to meet up with the show in Edinburg. This last flight was delayed (of course) by mechanical problems, so I am not sure if I am going to make the first performance or not.

Will I make all three shows? Tune in tomorrow to find out!!!!!
Same Steve time, same Steve channel!


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Is that a clip on?

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Anonymous said...

Well I see that got your measurements right and didn't lose it. Why does your one brother have a bow tie?

Steve Copeland said...

I suppose they wanted to make him stand out a bit since he was the groom.