Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bozo Wanna Box?

Monday, April 2: Ashdown, AR-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 73
Lot: Jr. High School

This afternoon I was taking a little cat nap when all of a sudden I awoke with a start. My trailer was rocking from strong wind, and I could hear people yelling outside.
That kind of stuff works on me better than coffee!

I jumped out of bed and ran outside to see what was going on. Radar and his groom, Christian, had already put the tigers back in the truck, and they were working quickly to dismantle the tent they use to provide shade for the cats.
I looked over at the big top and saw the flags on top whipping in the wind. The sky had also gone dark; quite a difference from the nice weather earlier in the day.
I quickly ran and put Emmie inside his kennel, and then I closed up the back of my truck so the props wouldn't get wet in any rain.

Ryan was sitting on his front step, so I started talking to him when he looked past me and yelled, "WOAH!"
I turned and saw Radar's tent about to blow away while Radar, Christian, and Sara fought to keep it from going airborne.
I ran as fast as I could with Ryan on my heels. I vaulted over Radar's fences without even stopping to think of how sturdy they were. My landing wasn't the most graceful, but luckily the fences remained standing and I fell on my feet and not my face. (Later Ryan told me he had secretly wished that I had wiped out. What a pal!)
Ryan and I helped the trio keep the tent on the ground while simultaneously disassembling it.

After that crisis was averted, I went back inside to ride out the storm. Luckily it wasn't too bad, and it was all over in a few minutes; a light rain continued on until halfway through the first show though.

We were set up within sight of a paper mill, and the rain really helped distribute the stench. The smell was awful!
I kept joking that folks should start dumping their sewer tanks to improve the scent around the lot.

I was told by Tavo that we would be moving off the lot after the shows, so during the second tiger act I walked over to the nearby school to scout out my escape route and parking situation.
A few teens milling around on the midway spotted me, and one of them yelled, "Hey Bozo!", which I promptly ignored.
When he yelled out, "B**ch, you wanna box?!"; however, I stopped dead in my tracks and spun around to face him.
Slapping my puffed out chest with both hands, I yelled, "STEP UP! YOU WANNA GO!? STEP UP, FOOL!"

This unexpected outburst took the asinine adolescent by surprise, and startled his friends into laughter.
I quickly went about my business before the kid could follow me home and beat me senseless.
I may be brave at a distance, but I'm not stupid!

The second audience tonight was really good; what a lively crowd!
As soon as the show was over, I quickly cleaned up and packed up my house to move off the lot. I set up camp in the school's parking lot and called it a night.

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Ryan Easley said...

Hahaha I muat have missed the leap of faith. A bit preoccupied, I guess. Thanks for the help, buddy.