Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chub Scouts

Tuesday, April 24: Percy, IL-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 70
Lot: Percy Park

Our first year on Kelly Miller, we played a terrible lot in Percy. All the decent lots were under water, so we set up by an old, abandoned mine.
You can see pictures of that....memorable day here:

Luckily today we were set up on a nice, grassy lot about half a mile from the mine. I remembered a nice cafe by the other lot, so I walked there for breakfast after I parked my rig.

Jimmy and Teppa Hall came by to visit today. I wish I had gotten more of a chance to talk with them; we just chatted briefly when they arrived at the lot.

Alex, one of the mechanics, and his crew washed my truck and trailer for me today. They did an amazing job; my rig looks brand new! (Except for the front of the trailer, which I have smashed up in the past two years, of course)

There was a fat kid in a Scout uniform that was being a pain in the butt during the first show. When we ran out for opening, he made a big show of being scared of us for his friends.
Then when we went by in the package delivery bit, he yelled out at me, "I hate clowns!"
By this point he was asking for it!

In the skeleton chase he was conveniently sitting in the perfect place for me to almost hit him with my shovel. After making him jump from my near miss, I lifted my eye patch and said to him, "By the way, I LOVED you in the movie 'Up'".
Score one for Steve!

The second audience was very good; they definitely made up for the first crowd.

PS-I just uploaded our promotional video to Youtube. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

I'd hire ya. If I didn't do clowning myself. And had a circus of my own. nd had paying customers. And needed two of the funniest clowns EVER!!! But alas, I don't have a circus


Bob K said...

Great video!!!
Glad you could get the scout #(@%
in to act, served him right.
Bob Kitto