Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nuns Join The Fun!

Wednesday, April 11: Pocahontas, AR-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 53
Lot: fairgrounds

From perusing my past blogs, I was able to remember that on this morning's jump there was a sharp turn onto a narrow two lane road.
The good part is, I was ready for it, so I swung wide (despite the constant oncoming traffic), avoiding smashing up my trailer on the stone wall sitting at the corner.
I thought that the sharp turn went immediately into a killer hill, but I was relieved to see that I remembered that part incorrectly.

The lot today was nice and grassy; everywhere except for the ring, that is. There were rocks everywhere!
These Arkansas lots seem to have a predisposition to be uncomfortable for a couple of slapstick clowns.

Delena was sick again today, so there was no cradle act in the show. That meant Ryan and I had to haul butt after the cage take down to make a quick change for the hillbilly gag.
We were parked a ways from the back door, and I JUST made it in time for the gag in the first show.

Sisters Dorothy and Bernard are here to travel with the show for awhile. The dynamic nun duo was on the Ringling Blue Unit with me for four of my five year tenure; I was happy to see them again.

We had great audiences tonight. The weather turned chilly in between shows; I was hoping it would still be awhile before we had to deal with the cold.

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Anonymous said...

You better be on your best behavior with nuns young man!