Monday, June 4, 2012

Comedy Abounds!

Sunday, June 3: Romney, WV-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Miles: 39
Lot: School St. ball lot

This morning, as soon as I parked, I walked into town to find coffee. I found a neat little cafe where I got caffeine AND breakfast!
On the way back to the lot I took a different route; I found my way by following the sounds of the tent stakes being pounded.

In the early stages of the tent raising, Armando overheard a very funny exchange between an older woman and her husband.

Woman: "I don't see any elephants."
Man: "Just wait, I'm sure they'll be out soon."
Woman: "Well, they should be out here hammering the stakes and helping out."
Man: "Woman! This isn't God d**n 'Dumbo'!"

That story became a big hit around the lot today. Apparently the woman complained to Sue at the ticket window because she expected the elephants to set up the tent. While wearing hardhats and reading blueprints, I assume.
It takes all kinds...

There was a pool across the street from the lot that was letting circus employees swim for free before the first show.
I should have taken advantage of the offer, but it was a little too cool and windy for my tastes.

We had good audiences today. I love performing for these West Virginia crowds!

Radar, Christian, and I had our first BBQ of the season this evening. We cooked the delicious steak kabobs that Don Curtis brought us earlier in the week.

Afterwards Radar and I walked to get ice cream. On our way back there was a group of teenage girls looking at the elephants.
Their leader called after us as we were heading towards the back yard.

Girl: "Excuse me, where's your veterinarian?"
Me: ".....what?"
Girl: "Where's your veterinarian?"
Me: "........."
Girl: "Or the person in charge of the animals."
Radar: "Why?"
Girl: "I just wanted to see one up close."
Me: "You want to see a veterinarian up close?"
Girl: "No! An elephant!"

I was very proud of that joke. Radar and I explained that the girls could get a fine view of the elephants from the fences set up on the midway, and then we bid the gaggle adieu.

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