Friday, June 15, 2012

Full Day

Thursday, June 14: Lakehurst, NJ-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 35
Lot: Lakehurst ball field

On the drive this morning I noticed traffic slowing down ahead of me, and there was a police officer directing cars. He stopped me and approached my passenger side window; the skeleton for our chase, which rides shotgun with me, gave the cop quite a start.
When I rolled down my window, the officer told me that there was an accident ahead with low hanging wires, and I wasn't going to fit under them. I told him where I needed to go, and he gave me a detour route.

I turned around and tried to alert the show folks driving past me that they needed to turn around; I also called Danny so he could let people who were still at the lot know about the change.

I only had to backtrack a short distance, and then I was able to take the detour right to the Garden State Parkway. Unfortunately, our new route took us to a toll booth, something we wouldn't have encountered on our planned drive.
To make matters worse, it was a booth without attendants, and it would only take exact change. I held up traffic for quite a few minutes as I ran into my trailer to get my coin jar so I could fish out $4.30. Of course I had just done laundry a few days ago, so quarters were in short supply. I put together all the nickels and dimes I could find, and Christian, who was behind me, helped me reach my total with some of the change he had.
After those minor hold ups though, the rest of the drive was a piece of cake.

After getting my trailer parked and my duck sanctuary set up, I walked to a New Jersey diner, where I had delicious eggs benedict for breakfast. It made my mouth all yummy.

Former Ringling clown, Brenn Swanson, her son, Enzo, and her father came to the first show. Brenn brought us delicious homemade brownies, and she also gave me a book from a clown festival in China that she organized.
Former Ringling clown and Vidbel ringmaster, Dan McCallum, was also at the first show.
Between shows Ryan and I visited with our friends; it's a lucky thing that I eventually asked Dan for the time, because we were having so much fun talking that we were almost late for the second show!

The audiences tonight were great; I love the energy of the people in this area. Dan watched the second performance, and after it ended Ryan and I went out to visit with him a bit more on the midway.
A local clown named Doug, as well as the sister of one of the Red Unit clowns and the girlfriend of one of the Cole Bros. clowns had also just seen the show, so we had lots of people to visit.

Unfortunately we couldn't talk for too long, because we had to make a night jump to the next town. With commuter traffic, the drive would have been a pain in the neck in the morning.
I'm glad we got the jump out of the way, but I was starting to get drowsy behind the wheel as it got closer to midnight. Luckily everyone made it safely to Carteret.

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