Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Hardly Know Her

Tuesday, June 19: Bangor, PA-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 20
Lot: Jacktown Steam Show Grounds

The route slip for this morning's drive warned us about an expensive toll bridge. In reality, it was an inconsistent toll bridge.
There was only one lane we could take, and the booth attendant seemed to just pick random prices for our vehicles.
A sign said that any vehicle over 3 axles would be charged $4 an axle. Yet, when I pulled my 4 axle rig up to the booth, the attendant only asked for $2.
I quickly paid and got out before the man changed his mind. Later on, some folks with the same amount of axles had to pay $16 while others only paid $2. Very strange.

We didn't have arrows for the last leg of the trip; apparently some town official was not too keen on Alex putting them up. Luckily the directions on the route slip were easy enough to follow.

There was a water truck on the lot today, which meant none of our tanks were filled. I was very conscious of my water conservation. I did very well, but by the end of the day my sink was piled with dirty dishes.

I went to a laundromat in town, and when I got back Ryan and I worked on a box that twin photographers, Jason and Justin Senft, brought to us.
One note we got from friends about our package delivery bit was that the box Ryan carries around isn't visual enough. Jason and Justin brought us a huge washing machine box, and we modified it by wrapping it in brown paper, lettering each side "FRAGILE", and then wrapping the entire thing in clear tape.
We weren't able to finish because we ran out of tape, even though Radar brought us more supplies from Walmart.

During the shows tonight I was watching the 1999 TV series, Totally Circus, that aired on the Disney Channel. It follows Circus Smirkus through its summer tour, and it also features Ryan as a first year Smirko.
I remember watching it on TV as a kid; I never guessed that one day I'd be hitting one of the people from the show on a daily basis.

Between numbers I watched pieces of an episode, and then before our gags began Ryan would give me a backstory on certain scenes or tell me more about the different people and situations. It was very interesting.

My friend, Mary Kelly Rayel, and her friend, Christine, came to the second show. After the performance we hung out in my trailer and tossed back a few cold ones. It was a nice visit.

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