Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jabba De Grace

Saturday, June 9: Havre De Grace, MD-2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
Miles: 65
Lot: Legends of the Fog

There were a ton of people around when we arrived at the lot this morning. A soccer tournament was going on, and traffic was backed up trying to park for the event.

The last two years in Havre De Grace, we have set up right next to Legends of the Fog, a haunted attraction. It looks awesome; I wish we played here closer to Halloween.

Our CFA tent, the John Ringling North II/Steve & Ryan Tent, provided a delicious lunch for the show. They also brought toys for all the kids, and goodie bags for me, Ryan, Tatiana, and Nico. Ryan, Nico, and I got black Kangol hats with our names embroidered on them, t-shirts, make up, tasty goodies...all kinds of great free roll!

A little later in the morning, our friend Carol came by with more goodies: crab cakes, beer, cookies, as well as home made chicken and potato salad. I think it's safe to say that we are set!

Dick Flint, a local circus fan/historian, was also visiting today. It was so nice having familiar, friendly faces in the audience. It helped us deal with the heat.
The clowns of the Freestate Clown Alley #30, who are also the members of our tent, were on hand to meet and greet the public again before the shows and during Intermission.

In between performances Ryan and I taught a class for the Alley about Gag Writing. We went over commonly used terminology, types of walkarounds and stop gags, and Ryan gave an overview of his writing process.
I hope the clowns enjoyed the lecture; they always do so much for us, and we really wanted to do something special for them to show our appreciation.

During the second show Ryan and I were walking back to our trailers after a gag, and one of the clowns asked, "Ryan, how old are you?"
Since Ryan can never remember his age, he always asks me how old I am and then subtracts one from my age. He turned and asked, "Steve, how old are you?"
"28," I replied for the umpteenth time this season.
"You're 28!", Ryan exclaimed. "I didn't know you were so old!" (Thanks pal)

For the next few minutes, I watched Ryan take in the life changing revelation that he was 27 years old. It was like watching a mid life crisis occur, only it was funny because it was happening to a clown dressed as a pirate.
All I could do was laugh as Ryan mused to himself, "I really need to re-evaluate my life."
The laughter may have also been a direct result of my loopy-ness from the heat.

After the shows, Danny was going around spreading the word that a baby black bear had been spotted in the area.
Since I had already lost two ducks at the beginning of the year, I decided to put Emmie in the back of my truck early this evening.

Carol took me, Ryan, Tatiana, Nico, and Radar out to dinner after the shows. While we were trying to find parking downtown, we lost Dick Flint, who was following us.
We walked around trying to find his car, but since none of us had his number, the search proved fruitless.

The restaurant we had our hearts set on had a wait of an hour and a half, and our second choice had an hour wait time. Finally we found a pub that had seating, and the menu was comparable to the other restaurants.

Dick went all the way back to the lot and found Danny and Tavana. Danny then called me and I told Dick where we were. I ordered food for him, and it arrived just after he did.

We had a good, full day, so I was beat when I finally got into bed.

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