Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh, Olney

Tuesday, June 5: Olney, MD-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 88
Lot: Hospital grounds

My morning was off to a rough start. When I was unhooking my trailer from my truck, the blocks under my trailer jack toppled over due to the uneven ground. The jack went straight into the soft earth, so there was no way for me to get any blocks underneath it again.
Thankfully Raul and Sara brought over their jacks and helped me get mine out of the ground. From there I was able to get my trailer elevated, and this time I made sure that my blocks were stable.

Olney is usually a two day stand, and the highlight of the tour for me and Ryan, but for some reason, we were only playing it for one day this year. I tried to jam two days worth of activities into one day; I was mostly successful.

Members of the John Ringling North II/Steve & Ryan tent came by this morning with lots of goodies for the show: coffee, juice, cereal, donuts, homemade muffins, etc. It was a delicious bounty!

Ryan and I went to Cheeburger Cheeburger for lunch, where every year we take on the Pounder Challenge. We each attempt to eat a 1 lb. cheeseburger, and for the past three years, we have emerged victorious, having our picture placed on the Wall of Fame (except for the two years that the restaurants' printer was broken, of course).
This year I had a hard time finishing my burger. Ryan polished his off lickety split, but I dawdled over my last few bites. By that point I felt sure that all my hard work was going to come back up, but I forged ahead and got everything down.

I am not faking my misery in this picture. I love how fat and bloated we look; the diet starts tomorrow!

Ryan and I crawled back to the lot and watched "The Three Stooges Story" while we digested. We were in luck since last year it was excruciatingly hot out, and our burgers sat like rocks in our stomachs.
This year it was nice and cool, and we had longer than usual to digest our gluttonous meal.

The Freestate Clown Alley #30 came by to do their usual meet and greet before the shows and during Intermission.

Whenever Ryan and I had a break, which isn't often this year, we went out to visit with them.

Mark Lohr and his family came to the second show. We worked with Mark in China, and he is a lot of fun. He and his family added enthusiasm to an already good audience.

I was sad to see Olney come to an end; being a one day stand it made it seem like "just another day". Hopefully we will go back to two days in the future.

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