Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Thing About Double Posts Is....

Tuesday, June 26: Mendon, MA-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Ryan's uncle Kevin came by to visit for most of the day. Ryan and Tatiana ordered a pizza for us to chow down on, and we looked over the blueprints that Kevin created for a new prop we are designing. 
Yep, that's right, blueprints! They even have the Steve & Ryan logo in the top corner. We're so professional now! 

There were a handful of people out today for various reasons, but the only one that had a direct effect on us was Sara. Without the cradle act she does with Delena, we really had to hustle to make it to the hillbilly gag on time.

In the first show Ryan and I were performing our new version of opening where we sit in the preferred seating with the audience and are obnoxious to John Moss (just like real life!).
Ryan was standing up, making a lot of noise, and he patted the shoulder of an old man sitting in front of him. The man said, "I'm going to punch you in the nose".
Ryan thought he was kidding, so he kept playing with him, but the old man shot to his feet (well, as quickly as he could), and turned to face Ryan down.
I just sat there with my mouth hanging open, thinking that I was about to witness Geezer Smackdown '12, but everything fizzled out. Not before the flow of the bit was ruined by the awkwardness of the situation though.

Of course I gave Ryan a hard time about the occurrence for the rest of the night, and even John Moss got in on the fun. In the second opening, after Ryan was done being a jerk, John said, off mic, "I'm going to punch you in the nose", which gave us a good laugh.

Ryan's maternal grandparents and his uncle Kevin watched the first show, and Bruce Johnson filmed the second show for a "historical record" that we can purchase copies of in the near future.
The audiences were great, and our gags went as well as they could go, so it was a good night for filming.

Wednesday, June 27: Berkley, MA-Day Off 
Miles: 41
Lot: Hill & Hollow Farm

After making the jump to Berkley, I got myself gussied up and drove to the Middleboro/Lakefield train station. From there it was just an hour's ride to beautiful Boston, MA. I'm SO glad I did things right this time!

I had a great day off downtown. I had delicious German food for lunch at Jacob Wirth's, I found some great books at the Brattle Book Shop, I caught the end of a street performing show by Ryan's Japan co-worker, Lucky Bob, I walked around Chinatown, the North End, and Harvard Square in Cambridge, and then I topped it off with dinner at The Miracle of Science Bar & Grill, which was my hangout from my Ringling days in Boston.

By 5 p.m. I was bushed, so I rushed to catch a train back to Middleboro/Lakefield. I was home reasonably early, and I enjoyed relaxing for the rest of the evening.

Side note: My arrival and departure point in Boston was South Station, which brought up memories of a PR I did there on Ringling in 2005. First of all, several of us from the Alley had our clown shoes shined in the station, and then Gautham Prasad and I attempted to drive a car from South Station back to the arena.
A reporter and photographer from "The Boston Globe" were in the back seat, but they couldn't interfere to help us reach our goal.
I thought it was a fun way to do a story on the circus, and it turned out well. Here is a link to the piece:

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