Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Love Holly!

Saturday, August 18: Holly, MI-2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
Miles: 34
Lot: Corner of Holly & Quick Rd.

Holly, MI is one of my favorite towns to play. The people are so receptive and take good care of us while we're in town.

Yvonne, the owner of a bar/restaurant in town called Broadstreet Station, in collaboration with the Friends of the Library, put on a luncheon for everyone on the show. This was the second year this event was held.
The meal was delicious, and everyone was just as nice as they could be. I got to visit with my friend, Katy, who works hard on bringing the circus back to Holly every year, and I also got to catch up with Jessica, who was gracious enough to take me and Dan Reynolds around town last year.
One of the highlights of the meal was the dessert. Bonnie made her delicious lemon bars that I fell in love with last year. Mmmmmmmmm.

 Me with Katy at the first show
 Me and Nico visit with Jessica and Soloman
Bonnie, who knows the way to my heart: sugar!

After lunch Katy took me downtown to sample the goods at Zanie Janie's, a coffee shop. Janie makes her own coffee, and from the samples I tried, I can tell you that it is delicious!
Janie was nice enough to give me a free fro co (not to be confused with the hobbit that set out to destroy the One Ring); I made sure to tip her well for her generosity.

Zanie Janie and Stupid Steve

There was a trashcan in the back yard, right behind my trailer, so I took advantage of the convenience and did some major cleaning in my house.

At the second show, Ashley and her family were in the audience. Ashley was my karaoke buddy last year, and her daughter, Abbey, was nice enough to make a bracelet for me.

My awesome bracelet, and my pirate impression (I guess...)

One of my avid blog readers, Paul, was also at the second show with his family. Paul's son, Gavin, is a big fan, and he made a picture for me that he has been holding on to since last year.

I think Gavin nailed my likeness

The ring mat that the show uses has a star in the center of it. The edges of said star have been ripping, and Ryan and I are always catching our feet in the tears.
In the second surfboard gag, I was lying on the mat with the board on top of me. I went to push it further down my body so I could see over the edge, and the end of the board caught in a rip and stopped.
This caused me to bash my nose into the pointed end of the surfboard.
I swear that red flashed in front of my eyes, and I was close to jumping up in a rage and ripping the star off the mat with my bare hands.
Luckily Ryan stood on the surfboard to keep me from going into nuclear meltdown mode, and my nose wasn't bleeding like I thought it was.

After the shows, Katy's husband, Jason, was nice enough to give me, Radar, and Elisa a ride downtown.
We ate dinner at the Blackthorn Irish Pub, where the food and the Guinness were both delicious.
We were accompanied by another of my karaoke buddies from last year, Jesse, who is also the mayor of Holly.
Jesse, who is 27 (a year younger than me), has been mayor for 4 years. It's things like that that really make me realize how little I've accomplished with my life.  :oD

After putting his children to bed, Paul came out and joined us. He was nice enough to buy my dinner for me. Thanks Paul!
When we were finished with our meal, Jesse gave us a walking tour of Holly, and we ended up at Broadstreet Station to visit with Katy and her husband.

We enjoyed some more talk and libations, which Katy was nice enough to pay for.
I was very happy with my fun, full day in Holly. I can't wait to come back again next year!


flowerdave said...

We love you guys too. Last year when ya came thru i was kinda skeptical what kind of show it would be and i was so surprised what you can pack into a show. we couldnt wait for you to come back, you clowns are very entertaining . my grandkids came last year and this year the kids around us were all giggling when you were on stage. thank you so much for bringing that happiness to our neck of the woods

Bruce the Clown said...

I think "flowerdave" speaks well of what you've accomplished with your life. I wish you the good fortune to continue . . .