Wednesday, August 1, 2012

That's Pretty Darn Green!

Tuesday, July 31: Hartville, OH-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 32
Lot: Hartville Market Place

Our friend, Jeff Potts, came by this morning to take me and Ryan to breakfast. When we got back to the lot, we saw Radar talking with a local woman; she was such a sweetheart that she went out and bought big, deep tubs for the tigers to play in.
Radar filled them up with water, and the tigers had a blast swimming and splashing.

As the lady was leaving, she was admiring my duck and asked if I was willing to sell him. I told her I couldn't bear to part with him.
After hearing that she spent close to $600 on the tubs for the tigers, I began to reconsider her offer...

Jeff took us to a giant hardware store next to the lot. If Ryan and I had half of the equipment the store was selling, we could crank out new props like there was no tomorrow.
My favorite part of the establishment was the model houses inside the store. Seeing how nice some of them were made me want to trade in my big shoes and trailer for a business suit and a real life.
The grass is always greener.....

Later in the afternoon Jeff took me to an RV place and the post office. The owner of the RV store was smart and put flyers all over the lot advertising 10% off equipment today only.
Unfortunately they didn't really have anything I needed.

The Moss family came back to the circus today. It was nice to see them again; everything returned to its normal flow once more.

We had good audiences tonight; they helped make up for the dangerous ground we were working on. There were stray rocks everywhere, and we even saw some sharp pieces of metal sticking up in arbitrary locations.

Since we were on soft ground and rain was expected overnight, everyone moved after the shows to the parking lot of the giant hardware store next door.
Jeff, Radar, the Combs family, and I had a pizza party in Ryan's RV once we were all settled.

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