Thursday, September 27, 2012

30 Days

Wednesday, September 26: Tinley Park, IL-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 21
Lot: Odyssey Fun World Grounds

On the bottom of this morning's route slip, there was a reminder that we only have a month left of the 2012 season. Hurrah!

We were showing on gravel today; in the first surfboard gag I did a front fall (where I fall like a plank and break the momentum with my hands) and got a sharp rock right in my left palm. I finished the gag gritting my teeth in pain.

After the gag I talked it over with Ryan, and we are going to start taking the front fall out when we play on cement and rocks.
The back falls don't worry me because I am in better control of my body, and I can take them as softly as I want. There is no way to safely do that front plank fall on some surfaces.
We wrote a replacement bit that went into the second show. It didn't pack the same wallop as the usual bit, but it got us where we needed to be.

Jim and Carol Streit came back to the show tonight, along with their daughter and one of their sons. While we were visiting with them, we saw the Chicagoland Kelly Miller super fan who has bought tickets to see the show four times now.
A husband and wife clown team were performing meet and greet at the shows, and they came over to say hello as well. The woman told me that they have a picture of me hanging in their bedroom. I asked how they could sleep without having nightmares.

There was a young woman (around my age, probably a couple of years younger) sitting in the preferred seats at the second show that was "afraid" of us.
I first noticed her in the package delivery bit, because she was making a scene when we passed by her. I cautioned Ryan, who was carrying the package, not to get too close, because she was apparently scared of boxes.
Now normally I would have let it go at that, but every time I saw her during the rest of the show, she was either turning her head to avoid watching us, texting on her phone, or scowling at us with the same repulsion you would reserve for when you find dog poop on your shoe.
I decided to have a little fun with her.
In finale the lights are turned off twice. During one of those blackouts, I jumped over the ring curb, crouched behind the bally cloth that separates the preferred seats from the ring, and crawled on my knees and elbows over to where she was sitting (cutting up those body parts on the gravel in the process).
When the lights came up for John Moss' goodbye, I popped up in front of the lady and yelled, "I hope you had a good time!"
Her reaction was priceless. There was a huge laugh from the audience, her boyfriend and family were cracking up, and Ryan was practically crying from laughing so hard. I even heard John Moss chuckle during his "The circus never leaves town...." speech.

I haven't done anything wacky and spontaneous like that in a long time, and it sure felt good to make the audience as well as the other performers laugh, hopefully breaking up the tedium of day to day trouping in the process.

After the shows Ryan and I said goodbye to the Streit family, and then we had to make the jump to Chicago.
We drove 45 miles, but it was a piece of cake because we took the Interstate the majority of the way. We were even treated to a beautiful view of the downtown Chicago skyline as we drove by.


Anonymous said...

Your blog post says Monday. I am sure you meant Wednesday and wanted to let you know so it's correct when you re-read this 20+ years from now and remember the good old days!

Tejano said...


I have to commend you on your perseverance in keeping up this blog. No doubt there are times when you do not feel like posting or feel you have nothing to say, but you still manage to keep us entertained. Look forward to the next 30 days of blogging. :) Have fun, be safe!