Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ah, The Joys Of A Mudshow

Monday, September 17: Vernon Hills, IL-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Today was our final day in civilization, as well as the end of our multiple day stands for a little while, so I made sure to enjoy sleeping in and being able to walk to pretty much anything my heart desired.

During the first show the heavens opened up after the skeleton chase and it began to pour. I sat in my trailer and laughed to myself since I had finished my duties in the first half before the rain came.
Unfortunately when Ryan and I entered the tent to start the second half, I saw that the laugh was on me, because the ring was a disaster!

Since we are on cement, the rain ran through the tent and left big wet spots on the ring mat. When we were doing the surfboard gag, I was lying in a puddle for half of the act.
Ah, the joys of a mudshow!
Since there was no getting around that fact that I was now filthy, when I finally got on my feet, I tried looking behind me and then asked a lady in the front row, "Is my butt wet?"
She nodded assent, and I continued with the act.

Sadly, my dignity was not the only thing in peril with the wet ring mat. When I did a front fall in the surfing gag, my left hand hit a wet spot and slid, nearly causing me to bash my face into the cement.
Ah, the joys of a mudshow!

By finale, there was not a dry spot left on the ring mat. As we were walking back to our trailers, Ryan asked if I had a balloon. I asked him why, and he replied, "So we can do 'Bigger, Bigger' next show and avoid falling down!"

A crew from the Midnight Circus came to visit us for the second show. Ryan knew most of them from Circus Smirkus, and one of them, Sam Brown, was his partner before we teamed up in 2008.
I was sorry that they had to see us with the handicap of a slick ring mat, but we gave it our all, and we succeeded in not busting our skulls open.

I think the worst part of the second show for us was the hillbilly gag. We are the first act that requires the ring mat, so it is kept folded up from the end of finale until moments before we enter.
This allowed all the water (both rain and grey water), animal pee and poop (which had baked into the ground for four days until the rain stirred it up again), and sawdust to sit and ferment within the folds of the mat for over an hour.
After rolling around on the mat in the gag, we both agreed that the only thing that could save our once nice costumes would be a good burning.
Ah, the joys of a mudshow!

After being in one place for four days, Ryan and I were off our game for loading up my truck. The fact that it was raining on us while we worked didn't help matters.

Even though the shows tonight were a pain in the butt, we had a great, long visit with Sam, David, Tobin, Logan, and Kevin after work.

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