Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Boy And His Duck

Wednesday, October 10: Greenfield, IL-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 26
Lot: Rives Lake

We were on a tight lot today. Some folks were parked across the street; the one benefit they had was that they were in campground parking spots, so they had power and water all day.

We were right by a huge lake, so I took Emmie over to swim. Naturally, he loved it. I was surprised that he eventually got out and came back to me on his own.

My duck and I had a nice bonding moment at the lake: I was lounging on the grass and enjoying the warm sun, and Emmie was next to me drying off and preening himself. For those few perfect minutes he forgot about his life's goal of wanting to kill me, and we were captured in a Norman Rockwell-esque picture of contentment.

The Blue Unit of Ringling arrived in St. Louis, MO today; they were about an hour and a half from us. Unfortunately their load in was very close to our show times, so only a couple of people came to visit.
Henry, one of the clowns that Ryan and I worked with on the show, caught a ride with Joey Frisco and his children.
It was nice to visit with Henry before and after the second show. His primary language is Spanish; I was surprised at how well I followed along with the conversation he, Ryan, and Tatiana were having. I was even able to contribute to it!

The generator truck ran all night, so with the help of my heater and electric blanket, I was nice and toasty while I slept.

In closing, here is a picture from Sherman, IL of me with Ethan, aka "Dum Dum". Thank you Melanie for sharing the photo on our Facebook page!

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