Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Monday, October 1: Belvidere, IL-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 56
Lot: Boone County Fairgrounds

Now that we are heading away from Chicago, we're into the "rest of the tour": the homestretch to Oklahoma. Not my favorite part of the season, but it means we're closer to having a break.

This morning's jump was slow and boring. It took a long time due to the high number of stop lights; I also got caught behind a couple of school buses.

After getting settled in at the lot in Belvidere, I went by the post office to mail off the first batch of autographed Steve & Ryan photos. Don't wait, order yours today!

Today for our "Scare-athon" Ryan and I watched the French film, "High Tension". We both enjoyed it, but unfortunately I had read about the movie's twist ending online, so there was no surprise for me.

I had a rough first show. At the end of package delivery, there was no sound effect of the package breaking (maybe we SHOULD learn to be funny without sound effects!) for the blow off, so I fumbled through an ending and Ryan and I beat a hasty retreat. No matter how fast you run though, you can't get away from failure.
Since I was all flustered, I almost exited through the wrong curtain. I stopped right before barreling through when I remembered that there were camels and a zebra behind it that would probably stampede if I spooked them.
I awkwardly ran around the bandstand and out the other curtain. It was not the most graceful exit for an already dismal comedic endeavor.

The reason the camels were in the curtain was because the cradle act wasn't working today. That also meant that Ryan and I had to rush to get changed for the hillbilly gag. At least my adrenaline was pumping from my near death experience, which helped me move faster.

The second show was more spot on from a technical standpoint, but audience wise it was just as rough as the first.
I was feeling pretty down (especially after being spoiled by the great Chicagoland audiences for the past three weeks), but a faithful fan of the blog, Sara Trudo, picked up my spirits with a gift and an e-mail.
Earlier today she brought some food for the elephants, and she decided to also bring a gift for the two people on the show that eat like elephants, me and Ryan.

I was under the impression that Sara was at the first show, so I tried to find her and give her an autographed Steve & Ryan photo. In the wonderfully uplifting e-mail she sent me, I found out that she had to drop off the goodies and run. God bless you, Sara!

Tonight was one of those nights where I'm glad that tomorrow I get two more chances to do a better job.

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