Monday, October 15, 2012

C'mon Ride The Train!

Sunday, October 14: Washington, MO-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Miles: 84
Lot: Fairgrounds

A storm woke me up around 2:30 a.m. The wind was blowing so loudly that I checked The Weather Channel app on my iPhone to see how severe the storm was. Luckily it all died down eventually and I got back to sleep.
When I left my trailer in the morning to drive, I could feel that the grass was very soft from the rain. It was definitely a good idea to have everyone move to the edge of the lot last night.

The lot in Washington had a few soft spots. The ground was slanted, so all the rain water drained to one end of the lot. The one trailer that was parked in that area dug some impressive mud ruts.
Luckily the rest of the lot wasn't too bad, and the sun came out later in the day to help dry the ground.

We were right next to a lake, so I took Emmie over to swim right after I parked. He wasn't interested in playing in the water though; each time I threw him in he swam right back out and attacked me.
That's my boy!

This morning's pay day was cause for more celebration than usual, because I finally paid off the loan that Mr. North gave me over the winter. Whoo hoo!

Today for our "Scare-athon" Ryan and I watched the 1980 slasher movie, "Terror Train" starring Jamie Lee Curtis. She must have been busy that year; I believe both "The Fog" and "Prom Night" also came out in 1980, both starring Miss Curtis.
Our favorite parts of the movie were: 1. The Groucho mask that the killer wore for awhile 2. Young David Copperfield performing some of his illusions (and I'm assuming leaving the movie off his resume for the rest of his career) 3. The fact that the most annoying character was killed first (Thank God; I don't think I could have stood his horrible jokes for the whole movie. Now I know how people feel when they hang out with me and Ryan!)

"The secret woid is murder"
"Isn't that the guy that works with Elmo on Sesame Street?"

As I mentioned earlier, the lot today was slanted. The hill sloped towards the back door, so every time we ran into the ring to do a gag, it was like running up Mt. Everest (because I'm so out of shape). 
In the surfboard gag I exaggerated the degree of the hill by tumbling head over heels towards the back of the ring about three times after receiving a board to the face in the surfing gag.
Mr. North got a huge kick out of that bit and requested that I put it in the second show as well. Hey, as long as he foots the medical bill!

Claire Wedermyer and her friend Sally came to watch the second show. I met Claire when we were both clowns on Ringling (on separate units though), and she was also a clown on Kelly Miller.
It was nice to catch up with her after the show. Her friend Sally even helped me out by giving me a quick back adjustment. I pulled something in the first show and she got me back in fighting shape in no time flat.


Bruce "Dr. Molar Magic" Lish said...

So whats this I hear about a clown intensive class? In Hugo? Over winter break? Is this true?

Steve Copeland said...

Yep, we already have a couple of interested students!