Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Double Post. Stupid Internet.

Hey everybody,

The internet connection yesterday was atrocious, which is why I didn't post a blog. Today's signal isn't much better, but at least I can open Blogger. That means I'm posting two blog entries today! Oh you lucky people you!

Monday, October 8: Sherman, IL-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 30
Lot: Athletic club grounds

It was so cold this morning that condensation had frozen on my truck windows. I used my Flying J Advantage card to chip the majority of the ice away, which numbed my hands in the process.

Upon our arrival at the lot in Sherman, the Byrd Family CFA tent had coffee and donuts for everyone. I went over to warm up, fill my insatiable appetite, and visit with the tent members.

Today was much warmer than this past weekend, thank goodness. There was a cold wind blowing, but being in the sun felt wonderful.

Ryan and Tatiana got me an early birthday present while they were out shopping today:

I just love my new Keurig brewer. In addition to the machine they bought me an accessory that lets me use my own coffee grounds, so I don't have to rely on just using the K-Cups.

While compiling video footage of our gags from past seasons of Kelly Miller, I watched the 2010 gags filmed during the first couple of weeks of the tour.
I was surprised to find that they weren't complete failures as I remember them. Now don't get me wrong, there were a LOT of things we could have done better, but there were still some very funny moments.
Sadly most of that stuff got cut early on, which probably explains why we were so disappointed in ourselves at the end of 2010.

At the second show tonight there was a little boy dressed up as a clown in the audience. During package delivery I joked around with him a bit: I asked if he wanted to take my spot in the show so I could have a break, and I also inquired if he had come to the circus in a car with 40 of his friends.

At Intermission I went out to visit with him and his family, and to find out why he was dressed up. First I asked the obvious question, "Did you lose a bet?"
His mother told me that it was his choice, and the little boy (Ethan aka "Dum Dum") told me that he liked clowns and he wanted to be one.
Ryan and I signed one of our 8x10 photographs and gave it to him. Hopefully we made his night.

Honestly, doing my best to give Ethan a good impression of clowns was about the only thing that kept me going for the second show. It was pretty rough.

Tuesday, October 9: S. Jacksonville, IL-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 47
Lot: Prairie Land Museum grounds

This morning I went to Walmart to go grocery shopping, and I also got a much needed (and unfortunately expensive) hair cut.

The Byrd Family CFA tent took me, Elisa, and Mr. North to lunch today. We went to the Kottage Kafe (thank God there wasn't a Kozy or Komfy at the beginning of that title) where I had a horseshoe, an open faced sandwich topped with cheese and french fries. Apparently that sandwich is only found in the Springfield, IL area.

Bill Prickett made the 2 1/2 hour trip to come to the lunch and see our show one more time. He also brought some goodies for me, Radar, and Elisa.

Louie Delmoral showed up today with different Carson & Barnes elephants. Armando has to go to Fort Worth, TX for a Shrine date, so Louie will be filling in for him until he gets back.

At Intermission of the first show I went out to visit with the folks who took us to lunch. I also had a child from the audience ask if I could go home with his family. I told him that all depended on what kind of food they had.
He then told me that he would train me; I was a little concerned until he clarified by stating that he could train me to be a runner. I declined on the grounds that I am too lazy to go running.

During the second show I was remarking to Ryan what a beautiful night it was. It wasn't cold and the wind had stopped blowing.
Unfortunately by the second half the wind had picked up considerably and by tear down it was beginning to rain.

One more quick story from the second show: during the quiet part in the surfboard gag, you could hear Louie in the back door commanding one of the elephants to lower her head.
When Ryan was going to pull the megaphone off my head, he commanded me, "Head down, Steven!", which made me laugh.

There were a few power outlets scattered around the back yard, so after the shows I plugged into one and had power all night. Huzzah!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you specified you got a Keurig brewer because in the picture I thought you got rolls of papertowels.

Melanie Hinds said...

We found your blog after the show the other night and we've been "web stalking" you since to see if you mentioned Ethan!! You were right, you did make "Dum Dums" night and once I show him the blog after school, you'll make his day today too! I posted a picture of the two of you on your facebook page.

Steve Copeland said...

Hey Melanie,

Stalk away. I update the blog every day. I am glad to hear that we created a lasting memory for Ethan.
I will put up the picture tomorrow. Thanks for writing!