Saturday, October 6, 2012


Friday, October 5: Eureka, IL-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 60
Lot: Lower Park Eureka Lake

Today was cold and dreary. I made sure to stay inside and keep warm. I even took a nap for the first time in a couple of weeks; it felt great!

Bill and Nancy Prickett came to the first show today. They brought cookies for me, Ryan, Radar, and Elisa. I went out at Intermission to thank them in person; I also visited with Dave Williams and Charlie Bellatti, who were sitting with the Pricketts.

It was nice to have friends in the audience at the first performance. We could have used them at the second show; the audience wasn't giving us anything to work off of. I imagine it was because they were freezing.
The funniest moment (unintentionally) came in the surfing gag. When Ryan was trying to get the audience to feel sympathy for him, they were dead silent.
Mr. North tried to get the ball rolling by yelling out a loud, "aaaaaaaaw", but the audience remained unmoved.
I yelled out to our boss, "It's no good, Mr. North!", before kicking Ryan in the butt and resuming the gag.

The one upside to the low temperature was that we had power all night. Ryan and I used that to our advantage and watched the next entry in our "Scare-athon": the 2010 remake of "A Nightmare on Elm Street.

While we were watching, Ryan was struck with a brilliant idea. We hooked my iPhone up to his speaker system via a cable, and I played fart sound effects throughout the movie at the most inappropriate times.
Since Ryan and I have the maturity level of 12 year olds, we found this to be the funniest thing since the invention of slipping on a banana peel.

This guy is a lot less scary in the middle of a gas attack.

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