Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 24: Ardmore, OK-Travel Day
Miles: 230
Lot: Corner of Commerce & Veterans

This morning's jump was a piece of cake for me, but some of the highways we drove on were ridiculous! I swear that my trailer was bouncing up and down the road half of the time I was driving.
Between that and driving onto the incredibly bumpy lot we show in Ardmore, I'm very surprised that the inside of my trailer wasn't a complete disaster area.

After I got settled at the new lot, Elisa and I drove to Walmart for some last minute shopping. I needed candy and gift bags for the circus kids' trick or treating, and I also needed to pick up a few things to complete my costume for the Halloween party.

After giving out candy to the trick or treaters, I dove into my preparations for the Halloween party. In total it took me about an hour to get ready; Ryan had come over earlier in the afternoon to help me design the make up and explain how to make my latex and toilet paper appliques.
Here is the finished result:

I told Ryan that people were going to have a hard time eating around me. Well, more so than usual anyway!

The Kelly Miller Halloween party was, as usual, a lot of fun. I was impressed with the amount of participation in both the costume and pumpkin carving contests. Here are some photos of the party:

 Kimberly Moss
 Ryan's pumpkin (second place winner adult carving)
 The Boss as The King (tied 1st place adult winner with Sara)
 The Fusco-stone Family (winners best group)
 Nicolas (tied second place kid costume with his brother Dylan) 
 Jaime's pumpkin (undisputed king of carving at 1st place adult yet again)
 Another shot of Jaime's pumpkin
 Luis (winner best unknown)
The Flintstones making their grand entrance
 Jaime's brother's pumpkin (it must run in the family)
 Another shot of Marcelino's pumpkin
 Radar and Elisa
 Tetto, Liam, and DeeDee (Ninja Tetto won second place adult costume)
 Becky, Marshall, and Fresia
 Carolyn and Mrs. North
 Danny, Arwen, and Tavana
 Jacob, Cody, Bevelis, Daniel, Christian, Radar, and Jeremiah (Christian won 3rd place adult costume)
 Danny's pumpkin
Sammy and Liam's pumpkins...and Mike!

I didn't get a picture of Sara or Gigi's costumes, but Sara won 1st place adult costume, and Gigi won 3rd place kid costume.

When my spiders found out that they didn't win anything, they crawled back under my skin and continued eating away at my brain.
There's always next year!


Harry Kingston said...

Another classy job on the Halloween pics and thanks again for the names under the pics.
So now we know who is who.
And the boss and his wife getting into it.
What a great wonderful group of show folks having lots of fun.
Those carved punkins, I have NEVER seen artistic work like that.
Well have a safe trip back to Hugo and a great winter seson.
Harry in Texas

Anonymous said...

So, for Halloween, you... you combed your hair? You look the same to me.