Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Heigh Ho!"

Monday, October 22: Granby, MO-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 90
Lot: Ballpark Hwy. 60 East

Dave and Sherri, our advance clowns, were waving goodbye to everyone as we left the lot this morning. They have been traveling with us for the past few days, but now they are on their way back home.
Thank you guys for all your hard work over the past two years! We'll see you down the road!

Armando and his family returned to the show today, so we are back to having three elephants.

Today for our "Scare-athon" Ryan and I watched "Seven". Though it's technically not a horror movie, there are some horrific elements. Not to mention it is a great film; it was definitely the best movie we've watched in awhile.
It's about a serial killer who utilizes the seven deadly sins for his murders. You all know the seven deadly sins right? There's Doc, Grumpy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Bashful, Happy....

...and everyone's favorite, Slothy.

Tatiana was nice enough to make us lunch while we were watching the movie. It was a good thing too, since the gluttony scene really made me hungry!

This afternoon we had a rehearsal for next season's finale. I see a lot of skipping and dose e doe-ing in my future. grumble grumble

In the first show Ryan and I ran out to play our fanfare for the opening. There was a family in the front row standing with their backs turned to us as they tried to get situated in their seats. I quipped, "I'm glad you guys made it on time", which they didn't hear in their pursuit of the perfect seating arrangement.
John Moss began his opening speech as the family continued to stand a few feet away with their backs to us.
Backstage I was commenting to John Moss about the situation, and he laughed and informed me that it was the sponsor and his family. Classy! 

After the shows everybody had to move off the lot in anticipation of thunderstorms throughout the night. 
It was a difficult space for us to park in; thank God Tavo was there to direct traffic and get us all situated.

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