Monday, October 8, 2012

Is This The Hat You Were Looking For?

Sunday, October 7: Illiopolis, IL-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Miles: 48
Lot: school grounds

An addendum to the blog about October 6: For those of you keeping score, Ryan and I watched "An American Werewolf in London" for our "Scare-athon".
It is one of my favorite werewolf movies, and the transformation scene is simply fantastic. On this viewing I also got added enjoyment out of the fact that David Naughton, the film's star, reminded me of ringmaster Kevin Venardos (who Ryan and I worked with on Ringling) in both his looks and voice.

The resemblance here is especially uncanny.

Back to our day in Illiopolis!

It was another cold day, but at least the sun came out to provide a smidgen of warmth.
Last night I washed my yak clown wig, and today I took the time to re-sew snaps on both the wig and my skull cap.

Today was pay day; after the past week of scrimping by on a very tight budget, it was nice to have cash in my pocket again.

Dave Williams and Rick Purdue were in the audience for both shows. The turnout for the first show surprised me, but then I took into account the fact that there didn't seem to be much to do in Illiopolis, much less on a Sunday; I'm sure the townspeople must have been starved for entertainment.

At the beginning of the second package delivery bit, as the final cat cage was being rolled off, the two tigers inside had a brief skirmish, full of sound and fury.....signifying nothing.
I quickly got the audience's attention back to me by chanting, "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!"
That was the extent of my comedic genius for the day.

Since, as I stated earlier, there wasn't much going on in Illiopolis, Radar, Elisa and I ordered Chinese take out for dinner. Apparently the restaurant (likely the only one in town) didn't really have their act together. They kept calling Elisa back to tell her that they were out of the things she was ordering.
Finally the delivery came though, and my food hit the spot perfectly.

After I pigged out on my orange chicken, Ryan and I watched "The Thing". We just love the film's monster effects and Kurt Russel's crazy hat.

You tell me which is legitimately more terrifying

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