Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Praise Him!"

Tuesday, October 2: Rochelle, IL-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 32
Lot: Calvary Lighthouse Church grounds

Even though the route slip said we were playing Rochelle today, we were actually about three miles outside of town in Hillcrest.
It was a strangely laid out lot, so some performers were parked very far from the back door. I was all by myself on the midway, right by the main entrance.

Carolyn asked me how I scored such prime real estate, and I answered that I know people, just not the right ones.

I had Emmie behind my trailer until I found out that the elephants were going to be passing by there. In addition to him being in danger of getting squished underfoot, I was also right next to a road that cars were speeding down all day.
I moved him where the elephants and cars couldn't get him. A much safer place. Right beside the tigers.

In the afternoon there was a production meeting for next year's show in Mr. North's RV, the Jomar. Everyone involved in the creative process looked over the running order and talked through transitions. It seems like we'll have a very smooth performance next year; we only had to move a couple of acts around in the second half.

Since my house was on the midway, I tried to be conscious of my appearance as I prepared for the show. I put on a jumpsuit while I made up so people waiting to enter the tent wouldn't have to see me in my underwear while I powdered outside my door. I'd prefer for any emotional scarring I cause to occur in the show.

Valerie is taking a series of photos of different folks on the show where in one picture they are in their house wearing their street clothes, and in the other they are in the exact same pose, only wearing show wardrobe.
Today she took mine, and they turned out great!
Check her blog for more to come!

Since we are next to a church, the pastor was the guest ringmaster for both shows. He practically led the congregation, er, audience in a revival before Ryan and I came out. He had people yelling "Hallelujah" back to him and the whole nine yards. We were just waiting for the tambourines and snakes to be brought out.
Of course once we began the performance, Ryan and I were yelling "Hallelujah!", "Amen!", and "Speak it, brother!" to John Moss as he was trying to get through the opening announcement.

In the package delivery bit, I also found time to comment on the guest ringmaster's unusual way of starting a circus.
In the first show, after the package broke, I sheepishly suggested to John Moss, "Maybe we could say a prayer for it?"
In the second show, I solemnly turned to John and intoned, "Forgive us, for we have sinned."
John Moss later joked with us that for that town only we should be introduced as "America's Favorite Heathens".

The first show was tough to get through. The audience wasn't putting out much energy, which instantly zapped mine. Maybe the guest ringmaster did too good a job of making them think they were in a church service.
Luckily the second audience was much livelier. It's amazing how much easier our job is when the audience is having a good time and giving us energy to feed off of.

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