Friday, October 26, 2012

Stick A Fork In It!

Thursday, October 25: Ardmore, OK-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Finally it arrived, the final day of the season! Hooray!
It was also the final pay day! Booooo!

Around noon a cold front blew in and ruined the perfect weather we've had for the past several days.

There was a rehearsal this afternoon for next year's production number and the finale. Ryan and I didn't know about it since the notices giving that information were put up inside the bandwagon and on the left performer's entrance, the two places Ryan and I never go during the shows.
John Moss sent us a text to inform us that we were late, so we hustled over to take part.

After skipping around the ring for thirty minutes Ryan and I watched "The Fog" for our "Scare-athon". We both agreed that it was a better movie than the majority of the schlock we've been watching, but we were disappointed in the lack of make up effects.

The Gordon family: Dave, "Shorty", and their son, D.R., came to see the final two shows tonight. I've known the Gordons since I began my circus career back in 2002, so it was great to see them again.
They just sold their house in Yukon, OK, and now they are going to be moving to Arizona where "Shorty" will attend culinary school. They were understandably excited.

The final two shows went off without a hitch. The highlight for me and Ryan was the final package delivery bit. Ryan rained down punishment on the giant box the entire number. He even fell off the bleachers on top of it, which got a big laugh.
After we left the tent we put the box exactly where it belonged:

In the second finale John Moss gave a speech about how the audience had just witnessed the final performance of the 2012 tour. He gave the crowd different statistics, such as how many miles we'd traveled, how many performances we'd given in how many different states, etc.
One new statistic he added was that Ryan and I took over 3,000 pratfalls this season (a very conservative estimate). Does anyone know a good chiropractor!?

After saying my goodbyes to folks on the show (Sara and Gigi will not be returning next season) and the Gordons, I got cleaned up and joined Radar, Elisa, and Christian for a celebratory late night snack at Sonic.

As a final gift to the cast and crew, the show generator ran all night long. Whoopee!

Today, Friday, the 26th of October, we had a 105 mile jump back to Kelly Miller Winter Quarters in Hugo, OK.
Ryan and I have been busy all day long, and it doesn't look like it is going to stop anytime soon.
We have a lot to do this winter (doing gigs, teaching, and constructing props and costumes for next season); hopefully we'll find some time to relax too!
As I'm sure you've guessed, we are returning to Kelly Miller in 2013 for our 5th season.

Thanks everyone for reading the blog this year. I don't plan to put it completely to rest for the winter. Check back every weekend for a new update on what's happening with us.
We hope to see you down the road in 2013!


The Old Timer said...

Thanks, Steve, for providing such a wonderful blog concerning the 2012 tour of KM. Both the pix and text have been consistently interesting. Be sure to send updates from time to time during your winter hiatus.

EleFanOhio said...

Hmmm... now what am I going to do with that five minutes when I'm usually reading your blog. Maybe I can come up with something worthwhile to spent my time on.

Well, see you down the road. Say thanks to your partner Cash. He's one funny guy.

Don said...

Thanks Steve for inviting all of us along on your travels this season. Your blog is a treasure.

All the best,

Don Covington