Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 10-12

On Sunday night Ryan, Tatiana, Nico, and I stopped to visit our friend Jeff Schott in Louisville, KY. We spent a few hours catching up before bedtime, and Monday morning he made breakfast and coffee for us while we continued to chat.
It's always a treat to visit with Jeff; I just wish we had more time to do so.

The second part of our drive to Pennsylvania was a real pain in the butt. It rained on and off (and with varying degrees of intensity) almost the whole way, which slowed our progress considerably.

We finally arrived at our destination: Norristown, PA around 11:30 at night. Norristown was located roughly halfway between our first two towns, so I figured it would be a good base of operations for a couple of nights.

Our opening show for the Christmas tour was in Philadelphia on Tuesday night. It was great to see our friends who are regulars on the tour.

Bill Hall, who produces the tour, had a brief meeting with us all before the first performance to go over details and the show running order. 
The 2012 edition of "'Twas The Gift Show Before Christmas" features the Alvarez family with their teeterboard, rola bola, and hula hoop acts, Gail Mirabella's dog act, the magic of Clive and Tracy Allen, me and Ryan, and the bizarre balloon-ology of John and Jen Cassidy.  
John Bundy hosts the show as Santa, and Larry Stout provides musical accompaniment. 

The first show is always hectic on the Christmas tour, but we made out alright. Our material was far from perfect, but the audience enjoyed our efforts. I was placated with the fact that we have plenty of opportunities for improvement before the tour is over.

On Wednesday night we had one show in the evening in Pottstown, PA. We were in a different venue than normal, so the show was held for about 15 minutes so people could make it on time (the location was changed at the last minute).

Ryan made me laugh tonight as we were putting on our make up. He commented, "It's funny that I spend so much time on something that makes people hate me."

I couldn't catch a break in the show tonight, all starting from the moment I went out into the audience to start our face painting. Then during the performance I was constantly getting tongue tied, and my interplay with Ryan and Santa was not exactly the sharpest.
Luckily our gags were a vast improvement over opening night, and they're only going to get better!


Harry Kingston said...

you playing any where near or close to Pittsburgh????
I have a die hard 83 year old circus fan that would really like to see your show.
Stay safe and have a great Holiday season and sure hope Santa is good to you.
Sure hope you all play close to me in Texas so I can come visit.
Harry in Texas

Steve Copeland said...


Darn it! I just got this message. We are finishing up our second show in McKeesport, PA, which is the closest we play to Pittsburgh this tour.
I'm sorry I didn't check my e-mail earlier.