Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 15 and 16

On Saturday Ryan, Tatiana, Nico, and I met up with John and Clara Sayre at the Monroeville Mall, which is where one of my favorite zombie movies, Dawn of the Dead, was filmed back in the late '70s.
We had lunch and browsed some of the different stores. My favorite two spots were the toy store where I picked up decorations for my Bumble themed Christmas:

and the little zombie museum at the back of the arcade.

After a few hours of visiting, we had to say goodbye to John and Clara. We had a three hour drive up to Erie ahead of us, followed by a show at 7 p.m.

Our one performance was a piece of cake (especially after a couple of long two show days), and the audience liked us right from the beginning, which made working for them a real treat.

After we were done with the show we jumped back into the minivan and drove four hours to Hollidaysburg.
Even though the show had energized me, by hour three of the drive I was about to fall asleep. Luckily we made it to town safely, and my cousin, Michael, was nice enough to stay up until after 1 a.m. to welcome us into his house.

On Sunday we had coffee, scones, and biscotti with Michael and Heather, and then we headed over to the Altoona High School to set up for our 1:00 p.m. show.

We had a lot of friendly faces in the audience for the performance, including Pat and Thom Stevenson from The Freestate Clown Alley #30, David Orr from the Adam Forepaugh-Barry Lubin tent, Don Curtis, photographer extraordinaire, and "Clown Chips" from the Cole Bros. Clown Alley.

After the show Ryan, Tatiana, Nico, and I joined Gail Mirabella, her assistant, Luree, and the Alvarez family for the 3rd annual luncheon at Hoss's put on by the Forepaugh-Lubin tent. Our tent, #178 John Ringling North II-Steve & Ryan, was also a big part of the event with Pat, Thom, and Katie Harmke acting as representatives.

The back room of the Hoss's was converted into a celebration of the circus thanks to colorful decorations, many of them made by Katie.

We were all treated to a delicious meal, and our tent showered me, Ryan, Tatiana, and Nico with gifts.
Perhaps the coolest presents were the jumpsuits that Katie spruced up with her embroidery magic. Simply beautiful work.

The jumpsuits came complete with "Jughead"/"Goober" hats.
Note the jug headed goobers underneath the hats.

We are so lucky to have friends like the clowns from the Freestate Clown Alley #30, and the members of the Forepaugh-Lubin tent that take such good care of us on the road.

Here are some more pictures from the event:

 Like kids on Christmas. 

 With Julius Carallo, aka "Clown Chips". And I thought I had wacky hair!

 Ryan and Tatiana showing off their Christmas photo wreath with Katie and Pat.

After partyting with the clowns and circus fans, it was on to second dinner (we must be Hobbits) with Michael, Heather, and Tyler. I can safely say that I was well fed in Altoona.
We topped off the evening by relaxing with my cousins in their beautiful home.

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