Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 17 and 18

I was sad to leave my cousins' house on Monday morning. On the road you don't always realize how much you miss the comforts of home until you have access to them again.

December 17th marked Nico's 2nd birthday, so to celebrate his entrance into the "Terrible Twos", Ryan, Tatiana, and I took him to a Chuck E. Cheese establishment in Altoona.
The Alvarez family joined us for games, pizza, and birthday cake. We all had a blast!

While I was playing a game where you throw little footballs at different targets, one of my more powerful throws bounced off of a wall and rebounded directly into my eye.
You know the old saying, "It's not fun until somebody loses an eye"!

Our car laden with Nico's new Angry Birds toys, we began the three hour drive to our next show.

The Eagles' Lodge in Lebanon can be a very difficult venue (a small stage and even smaller backstage space), but this year I felt the show ran very smoothly.

The only difficulty we encountered was the nasty, rainy weather on the 90 mile drive to Folsom.

On Tuesday we spent the morning doing laundry. The excitement never ends on tour with Steve & Ryan!

In the first show in Folsom my metal folding chair broke during the cookie act. That put a cramp in my style since the act is very dependent on the chair. I muddled through as best I could, and I borrowed a chair from the school to get through the second performance.
In Lebanon the chair I had been using was misplaced, but we didn't sweat it too much since we had a spare in the van. Unfortunately, as I found out in the middle of the act, that chair was on its last leg (pun definitely intended).

The crowds in Folsom were not as enthusiastic as the rest of the audiences we've encountered on this run. Ryan and I had to work really hard to get anything out of them, which was difficult since every muscle in my body was aching. I hope I'm not getting sick.....

After the show most of the cast went out to dinner at the Applebee's down the street, continuing an annual tradition. Lots of fun, food, and frivolity was had by all.

When we got back to our hotel Ryan discovered that he, Tatiana, and Nico could not get into their room because the door handle was broken.
The management gave them a different room until the morning when the door could be opened. It was just a pain for Ryan and his family since all their luggage and toiletries were in the other room.

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taz-39 said...

Rough 2 days!

That kid's hat = AWESOME.
How's your eye?

Safe travels and Happy Holidays!