Sunday, December 23, 2012

December 21

Ryan's uncle Kevin came by to visit Friday morning, and then he joined me, Ryan, Tatiana, Nico, and Ryan's grandparents for lunch at the Brazilian BBQ restaurant. I bet you can't tell that we like that place...

The hour and a half drive to our last town of the tour, New Bedford, MA, was a royal pain in the butt because of the weather. For about 30 miles torrential rain was being blown directly at our minivan as we drove on the interstate. It was miserable. I could barely see five feet in front of me, and many drivers didn't have their lights on.
Luckily we survived the drive; we're very lucky the temperature wasn't lower. I can't imagine making that trip with ice and hail instead of rain.

In addition to Ryan's grandparents and uncle, Ryan's mom, dad, and step mom all came to the shows.
The crowds in New Bedford were fantastic, especially for the second show. It was definitely a great way to close the tour.

The gags we did on this year's Christmas tour were quite a departure for us. Namely we didn't beat the snot out of each other the whole time we were on stage. In fact, there was no hitting whatsoever. No big, cartoony props either.
It was great to prove to ourselves that we could still bring the house down by just being ourselves.

While packing up our props after the shows, we were saying our goodbyes to everyone in the cast.
I also said goodbye to Ryan, Tatiana, and Nico.

I spent Friday night with Ryan's dad and step mom, Chris and Bonnie, and on Saturday morning Chris took me to the Providence airport. I am now home in Walterboro, SC, while Ryan, Tatiana, Nico, and Ryan's brother, Pete, are en route to Hugo, OK.

Bring on the vacation!

In closing here are a couple more photos from the Christmas tour. See you next weekend!

Ryan and I with John Sayre, one of our Circus Clowning Intensive students
Ryan and I with Santa John Bundy and balloonatic John Cassidy


Clara said...

Congratulations you guys! Another successful Christmas tour under your belts...can't wait for next year. ;) Enjoy the vacation and happy Christmas!

Harry Kingston said...

Steve and Ryan,
Hope you all have a great Holiday season and Santa is great to you.
Hope to see you on Kelly Miller when you open in 2013.
Harry in Texas

Steve Copeland said...

Merry Christmas, Clara and Harry!