Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 20-26: Winter Quarters Odds & Ends

The clock is ticking here at the Kelly Miller Circus Winter Quarters!
The show hits the road on February 1st, and we open in Brownsville, TX on the 7th.
No pressure!

Check out the website: for tour dates.
So far I don't see any one day stands on the schedule, and that is just wonderful!

Since I've been back in Hugo, Ryan and I have been putting the finishing touches on props and costumes.
Luckily we did 98% of our work before we headed to Pennsylvania for the Christmas tour, so whenever we do have to work, it's just sewing something here or touching up paint there.

Bobby Rawls, the resident circus artist, has been around painting trucks and banners. I was mighty impressed with the new paint job on the ticket/office wagon. It's beautiful!

In addition to show stuff, Bobby also did some lettering work on a couple of our props.

Our friend, Alex Zaprudsky (the Steve & Ryan graphic designer), designed this banner for the table we will use when we sell and autograph coloring books during Intermission:

Pretty spiffy!

Ryan's brother, Pete, is going to be on tour with us this season. In addition to being "generally useful" to us, he is going to run the sound effects for our gags.

On the 23rd Ryan and I did a thirty minute performance at the Hugo Elementary School. We performed for the entire school (around 600 kids), and they were a fantastic audience.
The reason for the show was to promote the 3rd Annual Red Nose Cafe Dinner Extravaganza (try saying that three times fast), which was held on the 25th.

Folks from Hugo bought tickets to eat a buffet meal comprised of different dishes made from circus folks.
Revenue from the tickets and souvenirs on sale all went towards the construction of the Circus City Museum and Park.

In addition to the meal, there was also entertainment. Ryan and I joined a few other performers from the Hugo circuses to put on a show.
Ryan and I did our cookie gag from the Christmas tour, and I couldn't be happier with how well it went over....even though the lights did get turned off on us in the middle of the act.
Ryan and I joked that it was akin to an actor having their Oscar speech cut short by the orchestra.

Many children at the event dressed up as clowns for a costume contest; the grand prize was a new bike.
Ryan and I were dismayed when we found out that we were to be the judges. We figured that we would become the bad guys to every kid that wasn't picked.
Seeing the disappointed looks on some of the kids's faces after the competition really got to me.

You'd think years of looking into the audience while performing would get me used to disappointed faces.
Wocka Wocka!

In closing, here's a video to show you just how hard we all work at the Kelly Miller Winter Quarters:

See you next weekend!


Matthew said...

Ryan got a new wig! Nice!

taz-39 said...

Haha nice!!

Matthew said...

Hey Steve,
One more thing. I was recently talking to Alex Barney about life on Ringling and he said people got hurt, broke bones, and went to the hospital a lot. Was this true when you were on blue too?
Thanks so much,
Matthew Lish

Anonymous said...

So Ryan did all the work and you ran the video camera. Wow you sure did a lot of work. You should be a general contractor.

Steve Copeland said...

Hey Matthew,

People did indeed break bones, get hurt, and go to the hospital on Ringling.
When your job is getting shot out of a cannon, flying through the air, working with wild animals, or even falling down repeatedly, there are going to be accidents.
Every circus is a high risk environment, so there is always the potential for injury.

That's why I wrap my entire body in bubble wrap!