Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Final Day Of Rehearsals

There was a 30 percent chance of thunderstorms this morning, but they were a no show. It was just partly cloudy all day, which felt pretty darn good when the breeze was blowing.

Ryan and I had one rehearsal in the early afternoon. We just quickly ran through our main gag and our spot to cover the tiger cage take down.
I started driving the little car yesterday, and things have gone very smoothly. What I'm basically saying is that there haven't been any wrecks or near death experiences since I got behind the wheel.
Sorry, race fans.

After the rehearsal Ryan went to the doctor to see why he has been feeling so miserable for the past few days.
At first they thought he might have the flu, but it turned out to be congestion, strep throat, and an ear infection. Oh good, that's so much better!!!!

There was a show walk through at 5 p.m., and it lasted over three hours. It was very slow at times, occasionally grinding to a stand still, but it was a necessary evil to ensure that transitions go smoothly tomorrow for our first two shows.

I was happy and proud to say that all of our entrances, prop settings, and exits were no fuss, no muss. We knocked them out very quickly.
Ryan sat out the walk through to rest up for tomorrow, so I handled everything in his absence.

Well, tomorrow is the big day: the opening of the 2013 75th Anniversary season. You will see and hear very little from me in the next 24 hours.....
I will resume blogging on Friday, and then I will (hopefully) be posting every day from then on.
You all have been around long enough to know the drill! :o)

Good night, everybody. Onward and upward!


Harry Kingston said...

Lets hope you have a great and safe season for 2013.
Also hope all your truck and trailere problems are gone for ever.
And thanks again for the best KM route book for us fans.
Harry in Texas

Bardon said...

Best Wishes for a great 2013 tour. We are glad things are starting off on a positive note and the season is about to begin.
No day is complete without reading the blog. Hope Ryan is feeling better soon. You guys are the best!!
Don and Barb in Syracuse

Bruce the Clown said...

God bless! Have a great year!

EleFanOhio said...

Break a leg.

Oh, wait! Maybe shouldn't wish YOU that.