Sunday, February 24, 2013

"He Doesn't Sign The Coloring Books Does He? Who The Hell Is He?"- Man Talking About Pete, Who Sells The Books

Saturday, February 23: Palmview, TX-3:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., and 8:30 p.m.

Today I went over to visit with Nico, who was playing clown. He even had a mustache like Ryan is wearing currently.

We had a couple of technical difficulties during the first show. One of the tires on the clown car had a little leak, and so did the spray gimmick we use for the mouth.
Danny and Christian tackled the tire problem and had it resolved by the second show. Ryan and I did a quick fix on our mouth problem until we can get some Plumber's Goop.

During the last Intermission of the evening a family came up to get a picture with us. I saw that the father was wearing a Carolina Gamecocks shirt.
Back in South Carolina the big college football rivalry is between the Gamecocks and the Clemson Tigers.
I am a Clemson fan through and through, so after explaining that to the father, I apologized that I didn't think I could take a picture with his family.

Of course I was kidding, and after taking the picture I explained to them how the Carolina mascot, The Gamecock, tackled me one time and almost broke my wrist.
Anyone interested in hearing that story?

Speaking of Intermission, here are a few pictures from Friday night in Palmview. First, pictures of us with Pat and Mabelle Davison, who is once again modeling her great Steve & Ryan fan t-shirt:

And finally, here's a picture taken by Julio Rosales of me performing my new coloring book selling technique, the Pity Method, which has become very popular on the show, especially with Mr. North.


EleFanOhio said...

You can't fool me. That isn't Ryan in those pictures. You're working with Mario's brother Luigi! ^^

john said...

Tell Ryan i really like the mustache... he pulls off the Charlie Cairoli look quite well!

Anonymous said...

I want to hear the mascot story.