Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"He's Not Afraid Of Clowns. He's Afraid Of Getting His Picture Taken"- Lady At Intermission Talking About Her Crying Child

Monday, February 25: Roma, TX-6:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.
Miles: 44
Lot: Riverview Shopping Plaza

The fog on this morning's drive was terrible. There were spots where I couldn't see farther than 5 feet in front of me.
After I stopped to fill up my tank, the fog lifted and it was smooth sailing for the final 20 miles of the jump.

When we drove through the mist this morning, we must have hit a time warp and been transported to the 1930s Dust Bowl.
The lot in Roma is completely dirt. To make matters worse, there were high winds blowing from 35-55 miles per hour from the moment we arrived until the first show was half over.

Every time I opened my door, dirt and dust would blow in. It even came in the vents and got my bedroom and bathroom dirty!
Walking outside was a sure way to get your eyes, nose, and mouth full of flying dirt. There was just no escape from it.
I felt so bad for the crew guys putting up the tent. It must have been miserable!

By the afternoon, everything was covered in about an inch of filth. Here's a picture of the little clown car:

Christian used a leaf blower to clean it off before the act; very smart thinking!

Ryan and I wore our carpenter gag outfits for everything we did in the show. I didn't even attempt to wear my contacts, because I knew as soon as I went outside I would get dirt in my eyes.

At the first show we met a couple of families that said they come to the show every year to see us.
Here we are with Isabel:

She told us that her son, Carlos, always looks forward to seeing us. Unfortunately we didn't get a picture with him because Isabel's camera died right as we were posing.
Infernal technology!

In the second carpenter gag, I poked Ryan in the eye with my finger. I'm supposed to fake it, but my finger went right into his eye.
Ryan told me that the look on my face afterwards was priceless. I'm surprised he could tell with only one good eye.

The moral of the lesson is either:
a) I'm a very dangerous person to work with this year 
b) I should NEVER work without my contacts.

The second show was much more tolerable without the high winds. Hopefully our next two days will be better.


Arts in the Family said...

C) Wear mittens!

Alberto Ramirez Jr.

Isabel Lozano said...

Hey guys! I almost didnt attend this 1st show because of the high winds and dirt : / I always go to the very 1st shiw. Im glad I did abd net you guys. You are awesone!