Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"I Died In Thirty Days!"-William Henry Harrison

Tuesday, February 26: Roma, TX-6:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Today Danny fixed the little car's on/off switch. It had come loose yesterday.
In addition, a brand new engine came in today, so when it is installed tomorrow we should be seeing the last of the majority of problems we've been experiencing with the car.

While we are out signing coloring books at Intermission, we make it a point to say hello to everyone passing by.
The second show, most people were just walking by without acknowledging us in the slightest.
Since they seemed to lack the common human decency to even return a greeting, Ryan and I devised a game to see if we could get people to pay attention to us, each of us using different (and ridiculous) methods.

Ryan adopted a tactic used by a former Kelly Miller clown, "Popcorn". As people would walk by, Ryan would point at the ground and say, "Look out for the snake".
I adopted a more unorthodox method of gaining attention. As people walked by I would blurt out names of US Presidents, the more obscure the better. "James Garfield", "William Henry Harrison", and so on.

Ryan got one lady to jump pretty high with the snake line, and when she came back into the tent, she was still actively searching the ground.
Pete laughed and observed, "She's still looking for snakes."
"Or presidents", I suggested.

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Tejano said...

The snake comment may come back to haunt you. Starr County has large rattlesnakes....the area where you are at...would not be surprised if you saw one! :)