Thursday, February 28, 2013

"?Que?"- The Roma Audiences During The Trombone Gag

Wednesday, February 27: Roma, TX-6:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

This morning Danny, Fridman, and Christian worked hard and got the new engine in the little car.
With the old engine, Christian would have to push us until we'd built up enough momentum to get the car started. It was not always reliable.
This new engine has a pull cord on it and starts up on the first try. It also runs a lot quieter and makes the car easier to control (i.e. we're not hurtling around the ring breaking the speed barrier).

In Roma our trombone gag has not been going over very well. I'd like to believe that it is largely due to the fact that most people in the audience are not native English speakers.
After one witty joke bombed this evening, I quipped, "I knew I should have paid attention in high school Spanish!"

After the shows Ryan and I went over to visit with Rick Purdue. He showed us some of the shots he has taken of the show; beautiful stuff.


EleFanOhio said...

¿Qué? No se hace un acto bilingüe payaso? ¿Cuántos años ha estado viviendo yo en el mundo multilingüe de Kelly Miller?

taz-39 said...

Maybe you need to be using Pbones ;D