Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Second Day Of Rehearsals

Tuesday, February 5: Brownsville, TX

This morning I woke up at 6 a.m. to get into make up for our Univision TV PR. Even though our filming wasn't scheduled to begin until 9, we had to take into account the 55 mile drive to the station in McAllen, plus rush hour traffic.
We were advised to give ourselves an hour and a half for travel time.

Even though we were running about fifteen minutes late (Ryan's alarm didn't go off), we didn't encounter any heavy traffic, and we arrived about twenty minutes early.

In addition to ourselves, the Rosales family was on hand to promote the show.
Ryan and I filmed a quick lead in spot, and then we did a lengthy interview with Adriana, the weather woman. We finished up by filming an interview featuring all of us with Jessica, who we've seen for the past two years we've been in the Valley.
The last spot was totally in Spanish, so I just did a lot of smiling and nodding.

Here we are with Jessica, one of the hosts of the morning show "Alegre Despertar"....

and Adriana, the weather gal....

You know something? Sometimes it's good to be a clown.

If you live in the Rio Grande Valley, keep watching Univision 48 and Fox Rio 2 while we're in the area (about six weeks), since I believe the interviews will be aired on and off during that time. 
I'm going to keep a close eye on the web to see if I can't share them on here.

Before we left the studio, Jessica took me and Ryan over to the radio station 107.9 Mix FM to say hello to our friends, Alex and Meridee, who host the morning show.
Last year they did an amazing job of promoting the Kelly Miller Circus, and Ryan and I were even able to go to lunch with Alex.
Unfortunately he was in a meeting, but we did get to see Meridee, who promised we'd see both of them when the show gets to McAllen next weekend.

Ryan has been sick since we got down to Brownsville, so his first order of business when we got back to the lot was to take medicine and get some rest.

We had our first rehearsal scheduled for after lunch, and it went very well. 
We were off until after dinner, when the cast had a finale rehearsal. It went much better than yesterday.
We finished up by running our first and second half gags, which Elisa was nice enough to film for us.

Ryan and I are both very happy with our material this year. It was nice to be able to watch the acts afterwards to see what bits read well, what needed to be played bigger, and what needed to be fixed blocking wise.

After the rehearsal I joined Radar, Elisa, and Pete over at Buffalo Wild Wings to unwind. I wasn't going to go since I am trying to save money this year, but Radar said he'd buy me a beer if I went.
What a guy!

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EleFanOhio said...

The look on Ryan's face makes me wonder if Jessica's hands suprised him just before taking the "it wasn't me" pose. And yet, you're the one who looks lascivo! (Your "word of the day" Spanish lesson for today.)

Thanks for sharing with us again this year.

Rest up. Looks like a tough schedule to start the year with two evening shows a day and a six pack weekend!