Saturday, March 23, 2013

"Are You Guys Consistently Hilarious?"- John Strong

Wednesday, March 20: La Feria, TX-6:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

The weather was threatening rain today, but it ended up just being overcast and windy, a perfect recipe for a lazy day, which is exactly what I enjoyed.

John Strong Jr. and Kenny Twomey were at the second show tonight. Guys, if you have online copies of the pictures we took, could you please send them to me?

There was a girl in the front row during the second show who was texting during the big mouth gag. She was so into her phone that she didn't realize I had snuck up on her until I was right in her face.
She jumped and screamed and the audience got a big kick out of it.

After the shows Ramon and his wife came by to pick up the GoPro camera that I borrowed but unfortunately didn't use.
I said goodbye to them since we are leaving the Rio Grande Valley in the morning. 

Thursday, March 21: Port Lavaca, TX-Travel Day
Miles: 260
Lot: Next to Downtown cleaners

Christian rode with me on this jump. He usually rides with Armando, but his son, Luciano is visiting, so Christian was out of a ride.
It was nice to have him along. Besides our conversations making the jump go by quicker, Christian also played some Family Guy on his laptop which kept us entertained for a good chunk of time.

Our lot in Port Lavaca is right on the Gulf of Mexico, so I took Emmie over to go swimming once I got my trailer set up.

I had a great rest of the day off. All I did was relax and watch movies. I would be a very happy man if we had non show days a little more often.

Friday, March 22: Port Lavaca-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

There were a ton of school kids at the lot this morning for the tent raising. I could hear them all the way from the midway when I woke up.

I took some time today to do a little cleaning, which I definitely needed to do. I also walked out to the dock on the Gulf in the hopes of seeing some dolphins.
Cody told me he had spotted some yesterday, but all I saw were some strange looking ducks and a couple of pelicans. Good enough!

Yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day, and today everyone wore black "Dress Down For Down Syndrome" shirts that we bought from Dee Dee.
In addition to the shirts, Dee Dee had the school kids make posters that were on display by the big top's entrance.

Since we are out of the Rio Grande Valley, we went back to our regular show times starting today.
It sure was nice getting done at 9:30 as opposed to 10:30 p.m. Even though I had an extra hour at my disposal, I still didn't fall asleep until almost midnight.

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