Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Ya'll Make Me Proud To Be A Clown"- Lady In A Silly Hat

Sorry everyone,

My Internet crapped out on me yesterday, so you'll get two blog posts today to make up for lost time.

Sunday, March 24: Magnolia, TX-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Miles: 81
Lot: Celeste Graves Education Center

The strong, loud wind blowing outside woke me up around 4 a.m. It continued for the whole jump; the show trailers were getting blown quite a bit around as we drove to Magnolia.

When we got to the lot, everyone was instructed to pull into a little parking lot to wait. There was a big BBQ cook off last night, and our lot was used to park cars.
There were still vehicles sporadically scattered around the lot, so owners had to be found to move them.

The one vehicle that caused the most trouble was a truck with a "For Sale" sign in the window. The owner had to be called several times before he came to move his property (which was exactly where the tent was going to be).

Since the car debacle cost the show a couple of valuable hours on a morning with early shows, everyone quickly went to work to get everything ready.
I helped out by staying out of everyone's way, and going to get some klobasneks and kolaches:

Houston seems to like pastries that start with the letter K. I always try and get some while I'm in the area.

The wind continued throughout the day, and it had quite a chill on it.
The lot had a chain link fence running through it, so the tent, semis, and animals were on one side, and all the performers were on the other side.
Luckily I was able to move my truck over by the tent for easy prop loading and unloading. Anyway, I wasn't looking forward to trying to jump the fence while wearing the big mouth.

Our friend, Crystal, came to visit the show today. She is studying to be a vet in college, so she spent most of her time around the animals.
I got to see her for a bit, though.

During the performances Fridman's wife, Valerie, and his children, Dylan and Nicholas, arrived, as well as Castro, our mechanic.
Fridman was happy to see his family, and my truck (and I) were happy to see Castro.

The new foam sledgehammers we ordered arrived today. It's always like Christmas when we receive new "toys" in the mail.

My friend, Stephen, and his fiance, Sarah, came to see the second show. They are both clowns in the Houston area.
After the performance Ryan and I talked shop with them for awhile, and then they were nice enough to treat me to dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

Stephen and Sarah also provided me and Ryan with circus clown essentials: baby wipes and chocolate! Thanks guys!

This has been a fantastic weekend for visits with clown friends!

"I Hugged The Clowns So Hard That I Couldn't Breathe!"- Little Boy
Monday, March 25: Shepherd, TX-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 62
Lot: Community Center

Our route this morning took us right by a Flying J, which I appreciated; I stopped in to take advantage of their dump station.
Since I had stopped to fuel up this morning as well, the jump seemed to go on forever.

It was another chilly day. Our friends, Chris Hamblen and Mike Swain, visited today. Most of the times I saw them they were talking to Radar, but I got to speak to them briefly.

There was a police officer on duty at the shows who was a tall drink of water. Mr. North asked him how tall he actually was.
The man is SIX FEET NINE INCHES tall.
I bet he has no problem striking fear into the hearts of criminals.

Just like last night we had power all evening since the temperature dropped into the 30s.

In closing, who wants to own a piece of circus history!?


It's a house in Holly, MI that James A. Bailey built for his brother back in 1903. You can take a virtual tour of the home here:


Circus fans and historians, please feel free to share this info among your ranks, and to any of the circus blogs that you see fit.


Phil said...

That is cool looking house. How did you stumble across it? You always find coolest videos and circus memorabilia.

Steve Copeland said...

Hey Phil,

My friend, Katie, that lives in Holly, sent me those links.
I'm glad you enjoyed them!